Mesut Özil (11)


We used to be a team to dominate almost any team we play. And I really mean dominate, not just pass the ball sideways and scrape 60% possession.

Nowadays we play boring and non-invasive football - against most of the lesser teams. And against the good ones, we play some pathetic form of defensive game without having either anyone anywhere good enough to defend properly, close down spaces and repulse possession football, or a proper game plan.

I personally don’t like Ozil (he is simply not my type of footballer, I prefer players with grit who contribute in more than just one phase of the game) but it is through no fault of his own that his shortcomings come out glaring in our mindless, inappropriate system.


Tbf he could have moved those 5 meters to the left when Robben walked past him for the first goal. At some point he will have to take some criticism for games like these when players like Ox will take the full blame. Not that he’s the only one though as either wing was quite casual at tracking back.


Ozil didn’t show up, plain and simple. We didn’t buy this guy to be a supplementary player, we brought him to get us over the hump in games like this and he hasn’t delivered. If he isn’t the player everyone says he is, then why buy him?

Sounds like excuse making to me


We got completely and utterly destoyed in the middle of the park, I didn’t realise Ozil was a central midfielder.


I am so pissed that our midfield was utterly destroyed by Thiago and a 50-year old Xabi Alonso.


Be pissed but not because of that, Xabi might be about to retire but he’s better than every available CM option we have by a country mile.


Xabi is old and slow, and Thiago is not physically strong like Stoke City players…
Wondering why we did not try to physical them and let them do whatever they want.


I’d be genuinely interested to see him as a central midfielder in this current mess. I’m not sure what he lacks that the likes of Chamberlain don’t. I’m old fashioned and think your best passer should probably be in midfield and on the ball as much as possible.

Everyone said Santi was too small and too lazy for the job when we first experimented but he made up for his weaknesses with passing and ball retention which is what we lack desperately.

Every game you hear the same shit, “we have no midfield”, “we can’t pass”. Even if he doesn’t press enough, would it really be a disaster? He’s not exactly a midget and it’s not like he’s dominating games as a #10 right now.


Mate it’s just the mentality of the club which Wenger is the most culpable for.

We can’t retrieve the ball as a unit or press, playing a three in the middle was the only way we’d stand a chance IMO. In games such as this the midfield battle is ultimately the decider and yet we play two, it’s just brainless and practically self-sabotage.


In tribute to his performance tonight I’ve just swiped past all the new posts in this thread as if they weren’t even there.


Comparing Bayern to stoke. Wtf.


‘Xabi is old and slow’ is appalling analysis.

A midfield of Alonso - Thiago - Vidal is world class throughout and rightfully tore us a complete new one last night.


He wasn’t terrible but he clearly isn’t a game changer in big games. He also doesn’t press intensively enough and big teams will overrun us when they play 3 in midfield.

If we are to get a new manager I think we need to play 3 in midfield, which begs the question what do you do with Ozil? I’d consider playing him wide, I know it didn’t work for the few months we tried it in 14/15 but I think we should try it again. Either that or sell.


Fuck me this guy has been awful…not just a little bit but FUCKING AWFUL!!!

He shows me nothing on the pitch that thinks fuck me we have a world beater on our hands here, get fucked Ozil you lazy cuuuuunnnnttt.


We were under so much pressure from the start and he just wasnt involved at all

A game like that is never going to suit him and he’d be better left on the bench


I can only be so blind to his abject performances the last several months. I sound like a fool when a month ago I would get in debates with friends saying I’d take Ozil over De Bruyne. Knowing the quality he has, and the quality he has shown on the pitch in bits and pieces, why isn’t it more consistent?

He seems like a happy guy, always his photos he’s happy, in training he’s smiling and enjoying his teammates, why on match day does it look like he’d rather be laying in a pool? Be happy and smile while on the pitch, show some emotion.

I was adamant prior to the season on extending Ozil, but this season he’s just been so average. The argument is he needs a world class striker to maximize his strengths of finding those pin-point passes, but giving a fuck while he plays would be a small plus.


Yeahyeahyeah he’s lazy, he doesn’t care, he’s invisible, blablabla. That’s why he and Alexis have the most touches, that’s why he and Alexis try to press and constantly gesture and yell at the other players to push further out, that’s why he and Alexis have among the best completion despite being attacking players. You do realize that for example the Xhaka chance was created by Özil pressing and dispossessing Thiago and carrying the ball up the pitch, right? I swear to god, some people really seem to not watch the game at all. So many dismal performances (first and foremost the manager) yet it is ALWAYS Özil that gets singled out.


Started the current season with a fantastic 9 goals and 5 assists in his opening 20 games. Don’t forget anything these things.

Form has tailed off a bit but there are certainly underlying reasons for that. He has immense quality and is one of the best in the world in his position.


Excellent post.


Ozil being lazy simply isnt true. Ozil being somehow above any kind of criticism because he was the best of a bad bunch is absurd.

Im not sure Ozil gets singled out either, the forum quite clearly shows otherwise.


Wrong on nearly all counts, as per usual. Nobody said he is exempt from criticism.
Forum posts on respective player threads since last night:
Theo 0
Bellerin 0
Giroud 0
Alexis 5 (all praise, of course)
Kos 11
Mustafi 11
Gabriel 17
Iwobi 17
Ox 19
Xhaka 37
Özil 49
Coq 60

So that’s what “the forum clearly shows”. In the press and television, he’s always the scapegoat, I can’t even fathom how you can deny that.
Alexis, Ospina and him were our best players last night, if you can call it that. However, Özil get’s the brunt of the criticism as per usual when he doesn’t appear on the scoresheet and we’re not playing well.