Mesut Özil (11)


I wasn’t actually asking your opinion.


No, Wenger is at fault. But i still don’t like Ozil’s behaviour.


Comical isn’t it? We lost the game in defence the moment we lost our shape and discipline yet Ozil will still find a way to be the scapegoat.


Easy to target him sure since he doesn’t run around like a headless chicken. End of the day the team as a whole is culpable.

Flip side is he’s a world class player and wants monster wages, more magic from him wouldnt go amiss.


Yes Ozil has had a poor season. Most top players would playing with this shower of shit.

Put him in a decent team and he’ll shine.


First the manager, then the CM/DM, Ozil is next.


he need fuck off him and wenger lazy twat


I almost threw my Blunt at the tv when I saw him stand there and not help Coq for that first goal. Woulda been pissed if I wasted good weed…


Love Ozil. Hope our new manager will get the best out of him.


Hope our new manager will send him out of Arsenal.


Lazy overrated overpaid .
Please kindly fuck off


Ballack: Arsenal need to buy big players to put next to big players. Ozil is great but he is not a leader.

Thank you Mr Ballack. Put some realy quality round Ozil and watch him become the worlds best no.10 again overnight. He’s never been one to carry a team and never will. People need to get off his back. You’ll miss him when he leaves.


There are two sides to it though, it can’t forever be Ozil isn’t culpable, he’s not a big game player, not a leader not this and not that . Then when he does well gets the plaudits.

Perhaps the truth is he’s not the #10 that is fully suited to this team particularly under Wenger.


Ballack wants an Arsenal like Real Madrid, where Ozil played lazly like now but instead to pass the ball to Oxlade, the player on attack was Ronaldo.

Fuck off Ballack, you and your useless fucking lazy mate.


Imagine being one of the best creative players in the world in a team that can’t pass.


Ask our manager and the ABKs, they know why.




Prick. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Bar Sanchez, Wenger put Giroud, Iwobi, Ox, Theo, and/or Ramsey around him and have Coq, Xhaka (Santi off injured) and/or Ramsey to protect him.
I really don’t understand…


Even Jesus couldn’t do much with 20% possession to keep it real.