Mesut Özil (11)


Cheers Cal. Will give it a read. :blush:


How on earth does Iwobi get the nod over Ozil in a game of this magnitude?


Good idea as well.


Ozil cost £42M, it’s not surprising or unfair alot of scrutiny gets placed on his performances.

All in all I expected alot more from the Ozil signing tbh


That’s mitigated by the fact that he was bought and played behind the likes of Giroud for the better part of his spell here. Buying most likely the best #10 in the world at the time and not and giving him the requisite tools doesn’t help. However, there is always a sense Ozil could do more and in a way it’s as if he doesn’t realise it himself.

If he had the killer mentality of say a Ronaldo he’d be something together entirely but then again perhaps he wouldn’t be the player he is.


I’m not even gonna check but Im willing to bet Mesut is in the top 3 players in the Prem for chances created, since he joined. He’s not had Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo in front of him unfortunately and he’s never been one to boss a game. He’s had to take on a lot of responsibility since his arrival here.


The funny thing is, despite all this talk of Giroud not being the right ‘tool’ he actually has a proven traditional assister to goal scorer understanding with Ozil and he played his best football as a creator with Giroud upfront.

Ozil’s assist record since 14/15 to Giroud is higher than his assist tally to Alexis who usually averages a high number of shots and who is of better quality and possesses attributes more suited Ozil than Giroud apparently.

The comment about the drop in quality is fair but you could easily counter that with loads of question marks about his consistency, big game contribution and attitude given his massive transfer fee.


I’m not sure of the numbers but perhaps he did play somewhat better fact remains buying the best #10 in world football means he should have a world class striker ahead of him.

It does make sense and I still don’t consider Sanchez to be the answer at CF particularly with his propensity to drop deep far too often against the better teams and vacate space through the middle which means we lose that focal point.

Big game contribution is definitely an area he can be pulled up on particularly away games, is a shame that someone with his talent doesn’t always embrace the light when the spotlight is on him.


That is what Wenger says each and every time a season starts.There’s still the potential for Özil to add more goals to his game (and probably to be a little more influential on how we play) as he’s very capable of scoring them if he really trusted himself but for some reason it’s never something he can really do over a full season.

Wenger also said a couple of words about Özil recently which confirm what you’re saying:

The boss also said the Mesut Ozil could have a big role to play, as we look to reach the quarter-final for the first time since 2010.

“It’s time for him to score again,” the manager said. “Maybe he will find confidence back as well, because he misses chances. He is missing the chances that don’t look unfeasible for him.”

“I felt he didn’t feel confident against Hull. It’s always a problem because you think he can deliver something special, but it’s true that technically he missed things [against Hull] that he is not used to.”


I think so too. Really didn’t expect it at all!


Sick and tired of this pussy. Sell him. He just doesn’t have the balls to play in a big team.


Thank God he’s playing for us then.


Head’s gone Luca. Head’s gone


So leave out for the rest of the season and then sell him.


I knew he’d get the blame because it’s absolutely his fault we imploded and lost our discipline and shape in the second half :joy:

It’s beyond a joke now. His performance was the least of our concerns.


You don’t sell Mesut Özil, EVER.


Not even Allegri would wake this dead up.


You seem to be having a meltdown despite not being in MDC. Do you need to take a break?


No, i’m fine. Ozil is just a luxury player we can’t afford anymore. We need players with the balls.


LOL at Luca blaming Ozil for this