Mesut Özil (11)


I’d actually play Sanchez out wide and Welbz up front so Alexis doesn’t drop deep and vacate the position which he tends to do against the well organised better teams.

Welbz could cause all kinds of problems as a CF holding his position, then again ideally they should be swapping positions anyway at different stages.


Yeah I think that works even better actually. I think Sanchez tends to vacate the CF spot too much and often leaves us without a target or focal point for our attacks.


Need him desperately for Bayern without Cazorla. We’ll be 100% on the counter with 30% possession.

Us getting through will be dependent on someone like him releasing Alexis/Theo/Welbeck with the perfect ball maybe even just once in the game.

I’d like him wide or I’d even be tempted to go full counter with him and Xhaka at CM to ping that ideal ball and stick Coq on the edge of our box, since Ozil’s the only one I’d trust to get us out of trouble in the middle. These games normally require big discipline and a big tactical shift anyway.


A luxury player can be dangerous in a game where you need to fight.


I’d rather him be in the middle in a 4-3-3 rather than on the right in this kind of form tbh.

But he doesn’t necessarily have to start this game IMO.


He isnt going to get better by dropping him . Half of his problems lie with haveing crap around him !


What’s the suggestion here? That Wenger will drop Özil to go more defensive? That is such an un-Wenger thing to do. Can’t see it myself.

I’d maybe play Özil wide too, let him drift inside. But I certainly wouldn’t drop him.


Mesut wont be dropped in one of our biggest games of the season lol. Even if Wenger wanted to, it wouldnt surprise me if Mesut has clauses in contract against it happening. Moreso, his sponsorships etc in a match of this magnitude wont let it happen. If he is fit he plays.

All that aside, if we are on the counter there is no one better you would on the ball when it happens.


Sponsorships and clauses getting in the way of managerial decisions? Ha no way.

I don’t see that at all only reason he mostly won’t get dropped is Wenger, I don’t see this as some kind of blasphemy though. It would be perfectly fine to drop him right now as he’s playing garbage. Why is he going to play any better against Bayern than against Chelsea?

@Craigie makes a good point about us likely conceding possession and so needing to make the best of when we do have the ball. However, if he plays terribly yet again he should definitely get dropped in the following games particularly against Liverpool.


Dropping him is okay, but who is the replacement?
No Santi, no Ramsey.

Reminds me of Sanogo replacing Giroud against BVB…


Lol and then Sanogo going on to score the winner? Not a good comparison there tbh :joy:


If we want to rely on some one time fluke, Arsenal is just a sad club.


3-man midfield and Iwobi-Sanchez-Welbeck upfront.


Your own example countered your point…


sorry, I don’t get it.


I would try Welbeck-Sanchez-Perez (not injured, right???) though


Rio wrote a piece in defence of Oezil.


Is anything rio says worth reading? Or is he another pundit that likes the sound of his voice a little too much.


He makes a decent point. Something you’d agree with.


Personally I think he’s a very good pundit. Enjoyed him at the Euro’s on the BBC last summer