Mesut Özil (11)


She looks rough


I don’t like her.


Seems like that was a bad pic. She’s a former Miss Turkey.


Shows what makeup, lighting and photoshop can do eh


[quote=“Calum, post:1126, topic:65”]
She’s a former Miss Turkey.
[/quote]Well then, I’m sure she’s a delight :kosc:



The fucking state of Mesuts jumper.


GO ON MYSTY YOU GENIUS :rosicky::theo:


She looks great. Well done Mesut, great vision on and off the pitch.


Also good article on arseblog


I think it’s absolutely clear he’s a phenomenal player who has hit a really negative run of form which is usually linked to one or two bad performances that begin a string of confidence related performances.

We saw at the start of the season when the confidence was there what he is capable of and I think the backlash from his contribution in consecutive away games to at City and Everton have done a lot more negative than good.


I normally rail against player power, but it might be unwise to drop Ozil for this massive game if we’re trying to get him to sign a new deal.

That said, I usually criticise Wenger when he sticks by his favourites even when they’re out of form, so might be a brave call that pays off.


I guess Wenger is fickle then?


Ozil will be starting in Munich, no way Known he won’t ( Unless he picks up an injury)


Or maybe Wenger might drop him for poor form. But he certainly won’t come out and say he’s been a lazy disinterested cunt only a couple of months after talking about how important he is for us and how good he is.


I don’t know if dropping him would be wise - if he fancies a move to Bayern he might have the game of his life!


I remember when Ozil missed that penalty against Bayern


I’d like to see him dropped against Bayern and for us to match them in midfield and play 4-3-3. Playing against them with a two in the middle is akin to suicide.

Sometimes even the best players around need a keep up the arse to coax a reaction and dropping him against some of his compatriots in such a big game may just be what be needs to get him out of his slump.

Should be starting Xhaka, Elneny and Chamberlain in midfield against them for me.


Would like him to play in a 4-3-3 out wide with Welbeck on the other flank and Sanchez up front.


At no point have i called him lazy (quite the opposite), and im confident i’ve never referred to him as disinterested. Why direct either of those at me?