Mesut Özil (11)


The list is from this season, could be around November/December, so fairly recent.


Stop being so argumentative and serious all the time.


I was wondering when you were going to say that. :smile: so predictable.




He score or assists, imo. He can’t do these 2 things at the same time.


Two for two. :blush: i didnt expect it to be so soon. You really were upset weren’t you. :smile:


That’s fine with me. He’s doing neither atm tho :wink:


Fuck. I love Mata. I’ll never understand why we didn’t pursue him harder, absolutely fantastic player.


Takes more to upset me mate. Just throwing your nonsense back at you in a light hearted way :slight_smile:

Because you complain about others questioning what you post and as I said, you do the same, just like in this thread.


Dry your eyes JakeyBoy.


If we got him as a Cesc replacement and added Arteta we might have been in the title race that season. But then would we have got Santi and Ozil?


because after the departures of Song and van Persie we changed our system.


@ me like a real man next time


There it is. If this was bingo id be on track for a prize. :smile:


I see we won yesterday, so therefore I guess certain people have to find something/someone else to have a pop.

Getting tired of reading the constant cuntishness that seems to be breeding amongst this place.


I don’t think it’s out of order to point out Özil has been less than impressive the last three matches.

I do think we have issues with the formation, and his role in it, during big games. But that doesn’t obscure the fact he’s an amazing player.


@SRCJJ still waiting on your explanation of why i disregard stats that don’t suit me. Are you referring to when i called you out on your use of ‘win% with / without a player’? :smile: yeah thought so.

Further, i still can’t figure out this scoring form you mentioned, or why it’s fickle to point out when a player isnt performing.

Clarification needed please.


If you don’t understand now you probably never will.


:blush: thought so.