Mesut Özil (11)


It hasn’t been a great season for Ozil by his high standards, but even when he isn’t playing well he is still better than a lot of our other midfielders like Walcott and Ramsey, who are also first team regulars.

He and Sanchez are easily our two best players and it’s players of there quality every top club should have.
The problem is we only have two, and the gulf between them and the rest illustrates our lack of top quality match winning players.


No, fickle would be turning on him after a bad game. We are 25 games into this season and its completely justified.

No idea who said that other bit you quoted though i disagree with that.


I think you need to scroll up the thread a bit more and read through it yourself. After his rich run of scoring form he had a couple bad games on the spin (Everton and City) and that’s when people had started to turn on him.


Go back to Nov 1st in this thread :ozil2:


Ah right, go 3-4 months. Right-o.

As i said, justified.


“rich run of scoring form”

that must have been the part of the season I missed.


He got three goals against Ludogorets, so theres that.

Edit, no wait four in total. So 50% of his goal tally this season. @SRCJJ thats a ridiculous assessment tbh.


5 goals and 6 assists in the league in February isn’t good enough. He’s not even been injured either.

Last season he had 19 assists. Where is this this season Mesut?

Only positive is he’s two goals from having his best scoring season with us in the league.


Which is an atrocious goal return for a world class CAM. No matter which way you cut it.


9 goals and 5 assists in his opening 20 games. He contributed to 14 goals in his opening 20 games how is that not a fantastic return?

But you’ll break it down because the stats will suit you this time and disregard stats as “bullshit stats” when they don’t suit your arguments.

He was playing well up until the City and Everton games and his form just hasn’t recovered since.

To go from him being our undisputed player of the season who started the season well to someone who’s being assessed in the way he is, is absolutely fickle.


Again, its not fickle. Nothing you say will change that.


For the second time a luxury player is one who doesn’t defend/press, not a bad player as such


I dunno why you waste your time @SRCJJ


Your ‘go back to November’ post did more to counter everything SRCJJ said than it did support it.

:smile: twat.

@SRCJJ mind explaining the ‘rich run of scoring form’?

Or are we not allowed to analyse your utterly bollocks assessment because breaking it down would defeat your argument? Oh looks like i answered my own question.


And no matter how emotional you get about it, it absolutely is fickle.


Opta even has him at 5 goals and 4 assists all season which are the official stats of the PL. There will be maybe 1-2 more that weren’t credited to him but that doesn’t really take away that he has been playing a little below what you expect from him.

Less influential around the box, dropping too deep to get the ball (which is also a failure of our midfield) and in general playing a little too neat or unselfish at times.

He’s not playing bad but hardly above anyone else.


Also it would be interesting to see Ozil’s goal/assists per game average against top teams in his total time here. This season he has a grand total of 1 goal 0 assists against PSG (H), PSG (A), United (a), Chelsea (h), Chelsea (a), City (a), Spurs (h), Everton (a).

But he got 4 goals and 2 assists against Ludogrets, goals against: West Ham, Stoke, Swansea and Assists against: West Ham, Sunderland, WBA, Burnley, Basel. So some think his season has been decent. He needs a strong finish to the season and to show up in the big games we have left.


Figured as much. :blush: go and have a think about it and try to find some half decent reasoning behind your opinion.

I will wait.



Thanks for that and better than I thought. although it can’t be upto date if he’s been here for his 4th year.

I’d like to see Cesc’s numbers.