Mesut Özil (11)


Yeah poor today.

Truth be told he’s been average this season.


Ozil is the very definition of a luxury player tbh.


Bollocks as usual.

He is playing like one, though, that I’ll give you.


Something isn’t right because this is the kind of performance reminiscent of the second half of 13/14. Absolute dire today.


Ozil hasn’t been average all season and he definitely wasn’t poor today. My pea like English brain simply can’t appreciate the subtlety of Ozil game.


I give it a year until you absolutely hate him.


Ozil is more of a luxury player than Arshavin.

He can demand trophies all he wants but he’s gotta contribute too


I fully understand he’s a glorified Nasri, except an even a bigger pussy. He can’t get out of second gear when running, never sprints, scared to shoot, can’t press or put a foot in, when he shoots usually fluffs it. Sure he can pass and move well, but he’s a lazy cunt who needs choking in the dressing room to sort his attitude out. Let’s be honest, he won’t dare punch back.

As for his quality passing and movement, it’s been average at best this year. Last year he was quality, bar his cowardess in front of goal. As for every other season he’s been here, he’s been decent but nothing special.

What about the fact in nearly every big game he’s been shit?

He clearly doesn’t want to be here either, didn’t in his first season and still doesn’t now. Time to cut him loose, he never wanted to be here.

Oh he was shit again today.

Fuck OFF OZIL!!!


If this thread isn’t an indication of how fickle football fans are then I don’t know what is.

World class player on a really bad run of form. Not a luxury player, not a glorified Nasri, none of the rubbish being spouted.




You don’t know what a luxury player is. Ozil is the prototype of a luxury player, ie he doesn’t defend and press, that’s what the definition of them is.

Nothing fickle about the assessment of Ozil, he’s been a lazy disinterested cunt since he joined. How long does ‘a bad run of form’ need to last for?

As for Nasri, Ozil’s end product isn’t showing to be significantly better, maybe bar last year, but let’s say if he can score more than Nasri, he hasn’t yet.


The fact that you think he’s been a lazy disinterested cunt since he joined pretty much makes your assessment of him asinine.


Or just not a deluded fanboy like yourself who doesn’t know what the fuck a luxury player is. His game obviously dropped since leaving Real and they got rid for good reason, ie yes he’s a lazy disinterested cunt.


You spend a lot of time insulting people you know. And it doesn’t help that you don’t make particularly good or valid points either.


You came on this thread to tell people Ozil wasn’t a luxury player, you were educated to what a luxury player was, ie Ozil. Which probably should of been the end of your input.


You don’t half spout bullshit on here.

The lazy argument is a myth and has been debunked so many times it’s a joke.


Whats bollocks as usual? How is ozil not a luxury player? :smile: (exclude coq… my bad)


Lazyness debunked how? Because he covers allot of distance while very slowly jogging? I remember Theo rightly copping flack for ducking out of a challenge last season. Well Ozil did the same yesterday.


I wouldnt say its fickle at all. Hes been dire by his own standards, and without displaying his strengths his weaknesses are even more glaring.

Kinda interesting that the mobile striker we have been clamouring for hasnt helped him remotely tbh.


It’s absolutely fickle to call him things like a luxury player and a glorified Nasri when only last year he was far and away our best player and started this season off in a rich vein of scoring form.

To acknowledge his poor form, criticise his performances and demand more from him is to be expected. But to disregard his obvious quality and say things like “he’s been a lazy disinterested cunt since he joined” is as fickle as it gets.