Mesut Özil (11)


But we play the first leg away this time :henry2:


No shits will be given over Ozil leaving if he can’t drag out a win over any top teams. IF he takes us to the CL final on his performances, it’ll be a loss, otherwise we’ll make do without him.


Yeah. Let’s hang those performances up on one player. In a TEAM sport. gtfo.


It’s also like a big brother situation. You don’t beat up on your younger brother and talk shit, you just beat him cause that’s what you do the shit talker is the younger brother when he finally gets the best of his big bro.


Without Ozil and Sanchez we would have struggled even more than we did to get a top four place.

If we do sell him what would be the point?

The 40m we get for him would never be spent on a replacement.

He might be out of form but picking him out for special criticism rather than several other midfielders who’s performances are only consistent in their mediocrity, is a bit unfair.

We need more players like Ozil and fewer players like Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain etc.


Someone who still doesn’t realise the kind of player Ozil is or appreciate all the things he does that are subtle.

All this “take a game by the scruff of the neck” BS peddled by pundits and the like is not his game, sure he can be a match winner, however, at his heart he is an ultimate complimentary piece to a team or the final piece to a puzzle not the largest eye catching piece or the driving force.

If Ozil leaves this team will be a shambles and won’t fully recover for years if at all.


Ozil can be frustrating, and he has flaws, but my god. Under a better manager he would become a God.


I love Ozil just as much as the next person, but this is a heavy statement. Wasn’t the same said when RvP was due to leave?


This time it’s different when RVP left there was still a sense of things getting better back then. Couple players being able to command far more money with the fact the club has no real ambition and you’ve got recipe for disaster. Not to mention the message it sends to fellow world class players.

If either of Özil or Sanchez or perhaps both leave then what? Which world class player worth their salt will come here? Can’t even say for money because not only are we seemingly not competing with the other top clubs in that respect but they can match us with ease, no need to talk about wining anything significant because they know they’ll win sweet FA here.

The days of taking players surplus from Real, Barca and the like will be over IMO and we’ll be left with mediocrity. And even if we were to attempt to develop stars we’re getting beaten to the elite talent in Europe to the likes of Dortmund and Monaco which says it all.

Considering the climate now either or both of them leaving will have a far adverse effect than that of RVP that’s for sure.


Really not exaggerating.
If Ozil and/or Sanchez choose to leave without signing the extension, the team’s morale will drop to a new low level.


The team was a fucking shambles with RVP. :smile:

The team is a fucking shambles with Ozil. At this stage I couldn’t give a fuck who stays or goes. Plenty of talent in this world and unless your name is Lionel Messi, you are replaceable.


Agree in theory, but you can’t lose your best players when you are trying to build towards something -you need to augment and build off of them. The optics of it would also be terrible at this stage. Plus, there is something to be said for continuity - while AW bangs on overly about “keeping the squad together” there is some truth to the notion that significant turnover on a regular basis isn’t a good thing, even if your overall quality remains constant.


It would be massively deflating to lose Ozil and Sanchez as we have been told the “selling our best players days” are over. Yeah we haven’t achieved much different to prior Alexis and Ozil ( in the league or europe) but thats more a reflection on current Wenger IMO.


It will rock us hard not because we sell our best players, it is because of the reason.
In the past we “had to” sell our best players because of the stadium debt.
This time, if Ozil and Sanchez choose to leave, we have to sell them because we are simply not good enough, not a contender, no ambition, not a club that is able to/willing to pay premium.


I think the biggest problem if we lost Ozil and Sanchez is, how do we convince any top quality player to come here?

If you said to world class striker, come here and play with Ozil and Sanchez, that would be quite tempting.
But if you said to him, come and play with Ramsey, Chamberlain and Walcott, I’m not sure if they would have the same pulling power.

Any team challenging for the PL or CL needs three or four top quality players, if we lose Ozil and Sanchez it means we then have to buy about four, which isn’t going to happen.


There comes a point where these players who can come in as replacements won’t want to come, particularly when the players who are on their level or close enough have bailed because the club are losers.

We are in no kind of supreme position to think we can replace the likes of Özil or Sachez just like that.

Some are underestimating just how up shits creek we would be if they go.


That’s why you don’t fucking wait, you don’t fucking waste any transfer window but trying to stack up the team and make yourself a true contender ASAP.


I love Mesut but we need to get more out of him then what we currently getting ATM.


Wake the fuck up Mesut. Not good enough in the last month.


whats up with him, recently he has been a sulky little bitch.