Mesut Özil (11)


Not the clinical decision-maker he was throughout 2015-2016. That non-hesitant end product he did have is sorely missed.


I hope you’re not dissing JB Fletcher?!


Didn’t Germany have Mertesacker for some games too? Ozil wasn’t particularly good in the WC


Hahaha this made me lol properly.


Le Arse Deutschies were Prinz Poldi, Mertesacker and Oezil. . Oezil started all Germany’s games at the tournament including the final which he was subbed off in the 120th minute for Merte.



Very harsh but true.
Nobody thinks we can win something big, under current management, under Wenger.


Not exactly fresh news is it. I think everyone and their dog is wise as to what we can win these days. The entire mentality from the fans to the players is entirely fucked.


Captain obvious to the rescue!


The ending was writing on the wall long time ago…
We don’t upgrade enough, make ourselves competitive enough, star players may decide to leave.


Wow that Michael Ballack is a smart little bratwurst isn’t he? Next he’ll be telling us that grass is green.


The end of this season looks like we are going back to the point of the end of the 2010/2011 season when Fabregas and Nasri walked.


He just spoke the obvious, nothing outrageous.
This time is Ballack, next time could be Biefhoff, Lahm, maybe some Bayern players like Boateng or Muller or Neuer start waving their hands…
If we have to blame, blame ourselves. We are not good enough.


The current squad Bayern players are generally very complimentary about Arsenal, because they know they’ve got our number and there’s no real need for negative mind games. And they know we know this


Next thing they possibly will do, is to praise Wenger. Saying he is one of the best managers in the world and Arsenal should keep him for another decade.


They literally do this all the time. I recall Robben saying those exact words.


If you’re really nice to Arsenal before a CL clash then the captain will even come and give all your players a kiss before the match then backheel it to one of your forwards in our area at some point.

Oh man in all seriousness that was FOREVER ago and we’ve sucked ever since :pensive:


The current Bayern squad look so ordinary this season (watch us losing 8-0 on aggregate now :wenger: ). I would be very pissed off if we didn’t even try.


Yeah… this is such an embarrassing “compliment”.
Probably only Arsenal management will take this seriously.


Oh come on, you know the script. Lose the first leg. Play like heroes in the second leg and go out on away goals :grin: