Mesut Özil (11)


What kind of answer is that?
You accuse me of something that isn’t true and then ask why I’m "rustled."
You argue like a politician.

Just forget it if you can’t answer without another question.


Because we sold him to Man U so ferguson could win the PL title and we lose our best player, and all we did was replace him with Giroud.

Both that situation, and the situation with Ozil and Sanchez are unacceptable, especially with a manager that drones on about “big clubs don’t sell their best players.”

How hard is that to understand?
Neither situation is good, but if we get money from the club that our best player goes to, surely it is better than him going their for nothing.

It would be better if the club stopped getting in the position of our best players always wanting to leave and perhaps show them, and the supporters, a bit more ambition.
You never know, these top quality players might actually hang around a bit longer.


Again maybe you should consider this when complaining about us selling him to utd

You can complain that we only replaced him with giroud, or Padolski or whoever that’s a fair complaint and isn’t contradicted but your current stance on ozil and Sanchez


I don’t need to provide evidence because this isn’t a scientific journal nor is it a court of law.

luckily for you the evidence disappeared with the forum change, on the flip side, my memory still works, but sure call me a politician, that’s a proper burn that.


The way you argue, you could have fooled me.

This is always your get out.
Very convenient.
I’m not a liar and I don’t forget, especially some of the stuff you come out with.


I really don’t understand what you mean.
I’m not saying the situations are the same but what I am saying is neither situation is acceptable.
I didn’t want to sell RVP to Man U but at least we got some money.
Seeing Ozil go to Man U would be worse because we won’t get anything for him and he will be playing under Mourinho.

Either way, we shouldn’t be losing our best players to our rivals.


You are angry we sold RVP to utd but also think we should have done the same thing with ozil and Sanchez

If we’d kept RVP and lost him on a free you’d have been pissed about that too, Their is no outcome to either scinario that would have seen you not complaining




We should have been investing in other attacking players regardles of losing them last summer or the next. It was obvious at least one of them would not have stayed here after the summer of 2018. Them leaving is one thing, although seeing Ozil in a United shirt would be sad, but our reactive stance (not working on a future after Sanchez/Ozil), once again(!), makes this whole situation so fucking frustrating.


Interesting read.


Eriksen is a very good player, however, he plays in a team that breaths organisation and cohesion.

You put Özil in that team and he’d thrive also and to a higher degree than Eriksen.

Özil does what he does in a team that goes out plays their natural game, don’t press, don’t work together or have the organisation that you would expect in a top team. When we do the right thing as a unit it’s like it’s a miracle or an epiphany that appears every couple years that gets forgotten within a few games.

I doubt Eriksen would be just as effective in our lack of set up tbh.


That article highlights the problem we will have after this season.

Our three best players will have left, Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla, and we need to replace all three just to maintain the same level.
It also makes the point that we need a player like Erikson, who is at our closest rival, and is one of the best players in the PL.

Next season spurs will have Erikson, Alli and Kane, and we will be looking at them wishing we had players of that quality.

This is right except I don’t know how we are going to react after losing our three best players.
It is a situation of Wenger’s own making, and I am fascinated how he is going to get out of it.

That’s a great point.
They have a great manager who knows how to get the best out of his players.
Wenger has had three genuine world class players and has watched spurs overtake us.
They are far better organised defensively and play as a team where every player knows his job and does what they are supposed to.


Did the team have excellent organisation and cohesion in 15/16?


‘Ozil doesn’t shoot enough’ is such tiresome criticism.


No they didn’t.

Özil did, however, play the most amount of games he has ever played for us in the league though.


Forget who’s selling players to where etc, the biggest overriding problem is that we can’t get our quality players to sign contract extensions due to our lack of challenging for the major honours, despite how hard some try and talk up the FA cup & Community shield.


Our problem in keeping our top players is: Arsène Wenger.


If United does pick up Ozil they probably won’t renew Mata’s contract which is up next summer. We should be all over that.


Mata is absolute top quality, he just hasn’t really fit into United at all and I’m sure we could make him work.


Mata is a top player so there’s no way Mourinho would sell him to us.
Big clubs don’t sell their best players to their rivals.