Mesut Özil (10)


Ozil waiting to see if Bayern/Barce/City/United come in for him. Maybe Zidane will fancy him at Real.

The only way of justifying 350k a week is if it’s including his signing on fee though. I think I’d probably go for it still but in the next few years Ozil will slow and be less effective. It’s something to consider when you think buying Lemar or Forsberg and paying their wages might not be that much more than paying Ozil a bumper contract over the course of a 5 year deal.


Both Ozil and Sanchez know that to wait until their contracts finish here and then negotiate a massive signing on fee with their new clubs is a lot better than just signing an extension with us.

It also gives them a better idea of the best option of club to go to.

If we do well this season and look like we are challenging for the title, as well as buy some world class players, he might stay but I think he has realised that as a club, our ambitions are limited, and he can do better financially and professionally elsewhere.

When he and Sanchez do go, it will leave us very weak, not just as a team but also in the transfer market, where it will be very difficult to attract the best players when Ramsey and Walcott are your best midfielders.


“Slowed down a bit”?

A nice way to say “he doesn’t want to sign” :mustafi:


Imagine living in a day and age where £275k a week isn’t enough for a footballer.


Meaning they aren’t in it for the money…


If that were the case, Sanchez would be a Bayern player right now.


Not if Bayern didn’t make an offer Arsenal wanted to accept.


I think one of the reasons Ozil is keeping quiet over his contract talks, is that he knows the signing on fee he will get from his next club means he will be so rich he will be able to give up his paper round.


Not that I trust all the reports but as per them, Bayern were allowed to negotiate personal terms with Sanchez but they couldn’t match his expectations.

I don’t get this. If this were the case, every player would take this route.
Players get sign on fees even for contract extension plus the huge sign on fees for signing a fresh contract will only augment the loss of wages Ozil had because he was on inferior contract.

To elaborate, Ozil if he is earning 180k atm. Had he signed the contract 18months ago for wages say 250k, Ozil would have earned 70k per week more. That’s around 5m of wages he compromised.
Add another 3.3m for this season.

Any sign on fees, he is going to get from other clubs, has to be upwards of 8-9m for it to make sense.
Not including agent fees.

Do footballers get such amount from non-sugar daddy clubs?


It’s true but if a player has more than a season to run on his contract and the player refuses to sign an extension, then the club would just sell him to the highest bidder.
Also an ambitious player that is interested in trophies rather than money is more likely to go to an ambitious club than sit around waiting for his contract to run down.

The sort of signing on fee players like Ozil and Sanchez are going to get, just for staying here this season, make it worthwhile.

How this situation has come about, with Ozil and Sanchez, just illustrates the ineptitude of the club when it comes to contracts and transfers.

To lose one world class player for nothing is bad enough.
To lose two in the same transfer window makes us a laughing stock.


I don’t see any club care whether they’re paying a football club or a football player for the services the footballer offers. Messi’s contract is up next summer, he’s so far not signed a 600k a week contract.

Ibrah was on something like 500-600k according to a leak and a large proportion of that would have been his signing on fee being paid weekly. That would amount to over 25m a year but now he’s having to offset that against the fact he has no income because he’s got injured.

From a players perspective it makes sense to run down a contract. They could lose out if they get injured or their form drops.


Didn’t he say something like when he got back and the season started they would keep contract talks? Ozil’s PR-machine full at work at the time.


Just to keep our fans quiet :wink:


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Wonder if he’s back on monday.

Edit: ffs what an awful instagram embed. This is basically just a pic of ozil showing a thumb. No context

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I wish he’d write his own Instagram posts :eyes:



We’ve all been petrified about seeing Sanchez in a City shirt, yet in the end he’ll probably go abroad and we’ll instead be looking at Ozil in a United shirt :grimacing:


It doesn’t bother me to much where our players end up anymore, as long as Stan and Wenger and our current board are in place whatever happens with player movement means very little.