Mesut Özil (10)


Charles Watts
"If you could bottle this Ozil display up and bring it out every week, every top club in the world would be banging Arsenal’s door down."

They won’t be banging Arsenal’s door down because Ozil won’t be behind it.
He’ll be at home waiting for the club with the biggest cheque and we won’t be getting any of it.


Hopefully he stays, although that IG post definitely looked like a goodbye to the fans.


A workman should never blame his tools, except…


Offer Alexis £350k pw and Ozil £300 and let’s get on with it.

This isn’t like offering mega money to crap players. Would love Ozil to retire a Gunner.


Hate seeing stats like the above. It just winds me up that we’ve surrounded him with mediocre players. He deserves better and I for one am going to be genuinely gutted when he goes end of this season.



So Wenger has an assist machine like Ozil but waits until this season to buy a striker that is good enough for him to play with and then wonders why he wants to leave.



He is a reactionary. He only reacts when the things don’t go well.


Come on, you have a whole season to come to terms with this, and other departures. I think you will be alright mate. Besides, I think come the end of the season, we might be numb to the pain as we would have already endured a lot of it between now and then.


Im not even over losing Cazorla yet so its gonna take me a couple years for Ozil. You dont get this type of player come to your club often. In fact Ozil is one of a kind for me.


I’m not even over losing Fabregas :laughing:


You guys are needy, hate to be your date.


We’ll see who’s needy when we’re left with Ramsey as our most creative player :sweat_smile:


When he is gone too, if you can’t get over him as well you really should see some professional help :grin:


I’m a great date, thank you very much :hipster:


Oh I’m sure you are at first don’t get me wrong, but then your neediness comes in and knocks you right out of that paradise called dating you.


You are an optimist my friend which is probably why you still want to hold on to players like Ozil. I on the other hand have lost all hope from this club under the current management. I am totally apathetic to what happens at the club anymore. I still watch all the games and still wish for things to be different but I am not hopeful. So, it’s a lot easier for me to come to terms with such things.



What can I say, I’m just a purist of the game. I love watching players like your Pirlo’s, Xavi, Iniesta, Cazola’s, Ozil, Pires…the list goes on. These players have grace and poise, are on a god-like level who see the game in binary code whilst the rest chase the ball like dogs in the park. Ozil is irriplacable imo


The players around him are so weak that we can build a stronger team without Ozil. If you get what I’m saying.