Mesut Özil (10)


He is so so good. It’s such a shame we didn’t push on from when we signed Alexis and kept bringing in a household name each year to strengthen the squad.


Few years back when we signed Ozil (also Sanchez), some of us already saying we needed to surround this kind of player by qualities to maximize his potential and increase our chance to win.
We had said that many times…
This is Mesut’s 4th season, and what Wenger had done to him and this team. Mesut slowly became the scapegoat and Arsenal’s football is so dire and without sync.


It’s his 5th season…


That long???
Wow~~~~~2013-2017… thought it was 4th… bad math.


That wasn’t the most impressive highlight package tbh.





My new screen saver. I used to have Özil in an Arsenal shirt. He deserves more though, so…


I mean, look who he is playing with though.

It’s would take a generational wave of talent to come through a youth system for Arsenal to have that much quality in their team.

The beauty of international football is that there isn’t any drama or politics through agents and contracts.

I mean, would we be able to buy Kroos for £150m?


So depressing to think about–a quality signing each summer, Arsenal wins the title during the Leicester season and Sanchez/Ozil would have already inked new deals. But now…


@Luca_from_Italy Will have something to say about zis. :wink:


It’s fine. He’s my biggest fan, he’ll go easy on me


Would you keep it in an United shirt? :xhaka:


Bergkamp is an Arsenal legend. Ozil and his shitty attitude doesn’t deserve to “wear” this legendary shirt.


If we go down that path, I think you will find most of the current team do not deserve to wear their number, with Alexis probably being the only exception.


Correct. Alexis can feck off too.



And then they asked me if I’d like to sign a new contract.



Ozil masterclass :sunglasses:


Happy to play for us again? :henry2:


Has to sign a new bloody contract :writing_hand: