Mesut Özil (10)


:rofl: you should have shared that information ages ago


something i hide with shame :coq: (well i didnt until that asshole came onto the scene)


Why would he?

He has all of the leverage here. Walk at seasons’ end and get a big payday. See that Arsenal are desperate and get a big raise.

Then again, it may not be about the money. He might just want to play the remainder of his career for a team that has a legit chance to challenge. Arsenal are in this crappy spot due to Wenger’s Cech only summer and the window after that.

I would like for Ozil to stay as he is one of the few things about Arsenal worth watching. Can’t fault him if he chooses to move on. Either way, no reason to sign a new deal now.




Who are our unsuccessful pundits btw?

Stewart Robson is about the only one I can think of (I think he was here when we were shit? Before my time I dunno). Or Nicholas was around then too? Hartson if he even counts? I doubt they’re even on his radar as ex-players.

Maybe he thinks Piers Morgan is an ex-sweeper? :grin:


“Golazooo , golazzzzo”


They do talk funny those South American buddies of @TheSpecialCnut , don’t they?


I wouldn’t get too carried away, for a country of football mad people they’re pretty awful at playing it.


Can he do it for Arsenal? :henry2:


We need a sign a player who Özil looks at the way he looks at Draxler :pensive:


that probably means ozil will be going to psg lol


Doesn’t he look past Draxler on this picture :sweat_smile:?



A subliminal but nonetheless savage message to Clouseau. :wink:


Clouseau was a genius creation portrayed by a genius actor. I’m not sure the comparison is apt.

(Steve Martin was once a genius actor too so even though the less said about that version the better the point still stands).


If there is one club that doesn’t need him (anymore)…


I really hope we find a way to keep Ozil.


Well… Thinking it through, you may be right. Clouseau got the job done at the end of all his ridiculousness.



Ozil won’t stay here for the simple reason that with Germany he is surrounded by quality players on his wavelength with a manager that knows what he is doing.
At Arsenal he isn’t.



Havent got a name on an arsenal shirt for 10 years but feel the need to get an Ozil shirt, just for the fact we might not have a player of his class for years to come after this season.