Mesut Özil (10)


Yeah. I’m afraid Barcelona or some club will come in with a 45 million euros offer at one point late in the summer, when they couldn’t find anyone else and he’ll move on still.


If he was on a free next summer every top club will be offering him the world. Much like Sanchez, their age and the fact they have one year left is very off putting to prospective teams.

Could be a weird year if Özil and Sanchez run their contract down



Bl1nk this guy knows fuck all :joy: arsenal horse ahahahahaha


Arsenal horse shit


It will certainly be expensive.




More like horse manure lmao.


Probably pony. Will believe when I see it.

For what it’s worth - my journo mate Simon Collings has said he’s signed and will be getting number 10 shirt as part of his image rights shizzle.



I guess will see confirmation of that this saturday.




There was me thinking, “Wow, Mesut’s really let himself go this summer”


Let’s hope Lacazette assists Ozil, and shows him how to sign a new contract.


Özil on his future

“It is definitely my preference to stay.”

"It is such a great club and I have always said that I feel very good at Arsenal. Once everyone is back in London we will sit down and discuss about the future.

“For now the most important thing is our pre-season and getting through the tour, training and getting fitness. When I’m back in London, we will sit down and discuss.”


I never thought he would leave. Unlike Alexis, he seems genuinely happy playing for us.


I Plus, unlike Sanchez, there didn’t appear to be a staggering amount of interest in him, apart from a comedy bid from Fenerbahce.


Here we go. He’s only here coz noone else wants him. :hugs:


I think if he let it be known that he was interested in leaving, you’d see plenty of credible suitors.

Mourinho would be all over that, like flies on a turd.


Well in the public sphere at least I’d believe that to be the case.

It doesn’t have to be a criticism of Ozil every time to suggest that btw :roll_eyes: