Mesut Özil (10)


What sillybilly said Fenerbahce was his favourite club?


some gay boy called doc :wink:



What. A. Shirt.

Still got mine to this day! Looking forward to handing that and many more down to future offspring one day.


Mesut Ozil has potentially dropped a huge hint over his Arsenal future by reportedly renewing his executive box with the club.

Mirror’s lovely clickbait link:



Haha, that’s a new take on contract renewals. Wonder if transfer talk in the papers will now revolve around players potentially buying an executive box at a club :grin:


Ozil is coming to Sydney, that’s what I wanted to hear. Wowsers.


Always thought he was more likely to stay than Alexis, tbh. Not many clubs want him.


I’mma get excited by clutching at those straws. #YaMesutYa


There is nothing to clutch.

He’s signing it. Just can’t see him leaving


Love you Mesut xx


He has nowhere else to go


People still think Ozil doesn’t have options lol


Lacaoz! It sounds great! :ozil:


He doesn’t, there aren’t any teams that need him now at least not to the extent that they’ll pay an exorbitant fee for him and his salary. There might be more suitors when they don’t have to pay a transfer fee but I doubt any team out there will offer him a bigger salary than us simply because there isn’t a need for his type at any of the big clubs right now.


I hear what you are saying. I really do. But Ozil is absolutely a one of a kind player in this generation.

He could (imo) pick almost any club he wanted outside of Spain (Madrid will have no doubt put anti sale clauses for Barca and Atletico).



He’s waited this long so there’s no reason for him not to wait it out for another 8 weeks to see what materialises before signing another deal here. Things can move fast in the window, players can get injured in pre-season or on internationals so someone may need him.

My guess is with him being 29 in October that nobody is going to offer the kind of sum to make us consider selling him. I’m sure plenty of clubs will offer him a 3 year deal next year but an upfront fee and 4 year deal now? I can’t see it.

I’m 95% sure he’s here next season at least.


We really need to get him to sign.
Losing Sanchez and Ozil is far too much for any club.


Ozil’s reputation in England has taken a hammering among the less well refined, even tho his numbers stack up just as well as ever.

Unlike Sanchez, he can’t really go any higher than a Arsenal in the food chain right now, which works out nicely for us. I’m happy enough with that