Mesut Özil (10)


Agreed. He isn’t hot property but it’s early days in the window. The window only gets busy towards the last 2 weeks and I am sure if his contract situation isn’t sorted out by then, there will be plenty of rumours around him.


@InvincibleDB10 :smile:


I’m very curious where he’ll end up. Spain, Germany and Italy seem to be no options imo. Are we really going to sell to Manchester United again? Or is Manchester City going to use him as a rotational player? PSG seems to be the most viable option. They buy everybody anyway.



Stop being cryptic, where is that?


Hahaha. Good one. I don’t think he’ll extend and be here longer than this last contract year. He has too be more hungry for national competition medals?!


Quite confident he will sign a new contract.


I feel the same, strangely. Maybe because there’s been basically nothing linking him with anywhere substantial? Most likely outcome for me that I can see is him signing… or possibly staying the year and leaving to Fenerbahce? That seems to be his dream move.

Obviously, I’m hoping he stays put for another 4 years or so.


If he’s going to be available on a free I reckon the big clubs will be on him like bees on honey.


Yep, you’re probably right. PSG would probably go in for him…Would Bayern though? RM got rid. Could go to Barca on a free because the clause wouldn’t matter anymore, but would they want him?

Hopefully though, this is all moot and he signs. :ozil:



I’d say PSG, Juventus and maybe Barcelona, if he doesn’t care about the rivalry stuff. Iniesta is old and Andre Gomes didn’t really work out I think. Juventus their cheap veteran game also has been on point (Pirlo, Alves). Although Ozil at 30 wouldn’t be as old as they are.


Ozil would be dope Iniesta replacement playing through the middle in a three, think they’ll end up getting Verratti though.

More than a few teams would be on him like white on rice especially for a decent fee in this market.

I think Ozil stays, Sanchez is off like a shot.


If Martinez is that slow at reacting at the end, then he shouldn’t be our second choice keeper :wink:


not much of a dream


He’s of Turkish descent. Fener are his boyhood club, I’d find it quite admirable if he went there for that reason. Especially this day and age where he could go to China and earn a million-billion-trillion quid a week instead.


Turkish clubs are paying massive wages too. It’s no coincedence Sneijder, Kuyt and van Persie went there for example :wink:.


Didn’t bloody think of that. :joy:

Well, do what ya like Mesut. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stay…we’ll give ya 250k PW!)


I see your Fenerbache and raise you Schalke 04


He’s staying.