Mesut Özil (10)


We all know that isn’t meant to be “man”. Use the original you pussy :wink:


I suppose when your nation is as shit as yours is you need to find your joy in the misfortune of others when it comes to major tournaments, because you’re never involved :slight_smile:


“I looked up and saw an aeroplane come flying over me”.
Probably one of the weirdest descriptions I’ve heard about a goal haha.


as if you mentioned Ox, again. :smile: christ almighty AC.



It has been awfully quiet around him. He’ll be 29 in october, so you would think that if he’s going to leave it would be this summer.


He and Alexis are going nowhere.


Seriously though I didn’t like that England era team was full of Chelsea and Manchester United players and was great seeing them fuck up was just having banter with doc. :wink:

Current England team don’t bother me as they aren’t filled with twats except from the spudders :wink:


I don’t actually dislike Scotland at all, would prefer to see all the home nations and Ireland qualify for tournaments.

Just remembered being gutted about that disallowed Lampard goal and I instinctively lashed out at you haha


Scotland and Eng both wish they could be as good as us.


Sun back page tomorrow


Look at him in that pic, sitting down. Lazy fuck.

AC level pun there too by the sun.


Wouldn’t see Ross Barkley doing this would you.




Fucking BT Sport and their Geoblocking. Cunts.


Are we all confident in Mesut staying then as it used to be Alexis and Ozil rumours now it’s just Alexis.

Ozil stuff has went all quiet big indication IMO he’s staying either because no one wants him or we have agreed in principle a new contract


Barely any rumours surfacing, besides the Fenerbahce link.


I suspect he’s just chilling somewhere on holiday right now, with his delightful Miss Turkey girlfriend, unless he binned her off for someone else :gunnersaurus:


Wenger is saving the Ozil contract renewal announcement for the end of the transfer window.
Just in case we don’t get that world class striker we’ve been waiting for.


Clearly, no one wants him. Tell me which team would need him.