Mesut Özil (10)


He needs to give us the Europa League and leave on a free and collect some free League medals at Bayern or Juventus. Us not being able to provide a platform for him to win the PL/CL is just unfair.


Goes missing in the big games they said.


People watch but they don’t see.



What energy he showed yesterday! Proved a lot of people wrong. A little at fault just before the 1-1, but wish he can perform like this more often!!


Haha, yes! Get in Mesut… baiting the journos. :ozil:



one decent performance does not obscure the facts



Unfortunately that’s giving the English media too much credit. It’s all to do with his body language and that he doesn’t like a pop from 30 yds Ross Barkley style, nor showing his power and strength by getting stuck in like Rooney or Ox.


2010 World Cup, first time I saw Ozil play.


I hate that match. :neutral_face:


Disallowed goal against England ahahahha :poldi:


English media so out of touch with modern football that’s why Ozil became a victim.


Small teams always get help from the referees. :+1:



My favourite match of 2010 WC :wink:

Lampaaaard! :joy:




I liked this one better.


Sorry, had to turn that off. There was some unwashed southerner shouting without pause in some barbaric language. Makes you wonder how he’s got the energy for 90 minutes of yelling. Probably because he was lounging about all day, avoiding work. :per:


You must’ve misunderstood, mate; that was Spanish, not Peruvian, @TheSpecialCnut style.