Mesut Özil (10)


Only an idiot would make such a sweeping generalisation.


Gne gne gne…you’re so boring.


Summer off for Özil if he’s still here lol


Unfortunately Mustafi will be included.


Mesut Ozil is not one of the best players in the World. He might be one of the best players in the role of a playmaker, which unfortunately for him is a thing of the past. The best players in the world are not monovalent, they will succeed under different formations and will be useful in more than just one phase of the game. He also lacks character and resilience that would be expected from the best players in the world. You would expect, when things get tough, that the best players in the world would respond and pull the team forward. Apparently with Ozil though, the team has to pull him forward.

There are two factors about Ozil that bug me off.

First, his supporters defend him by saying that he is not used according to his strengths and that his team mates let him down, don’t protect him enough to let him do his thing. Isn’t that quite demanding? I am sorry but if I have to enroll all my manpower into suiting one player’s style then I’d be expecting a 40+ goals and assists return from him combined. This guy is one of the highest earners and most expensive footballers playing for this club and some also label him one of the best players in the world. Hell yeah I expect more of him.

Second, Ozil is the reincarnation of Wenger’s love child. The second coming of Cesc of Nazareth. For all his shortcomings, you’d expect Wenger to get things right at least with him. Wenger should be the type of manager that Ozil should thrive under because of how much he values him and supposedly, understands him. Yet that isn’t happening. Why is that. Is it all because Wenger is that bad or is it in part also because Ozil is not that good? Which other manager would tolerate Ozil’s lackluster performances towards the moment when finally Mesut’s brilliance come ashore more than 5 times per season?


Don’t hate because your dumb as fuck statement got called out.

Live and learn buddy, I’ve made plenty.


And the media in his home country and many of his fellow Germans. :neutral_face:



The World is full of idiots…


Thankfully ze Germans on here are woke (used that as a funny) and seem to love the guy. :+1:


Yes Ozil. Fucking mesmerizing today. So unlucky not to score. But a master performance


Was fantastic today love how he left a mark on Hazard, thumb in the eye to those who say he doesn’t care.

Was willing him to score at the end with the shot that hit the post, lovely stuff from the resident wizard.


Great game, but fuck me, should have had a brace.


Ozil: 3 F.A. Cups and 2 Community Shields
Eriksen: 0 trophy



He said it!! :sunglasses: @Persona





I love this guy. :heart_eyes:


What a guy, should’ve scored, but those blonde highlights in his hair :fire:



Just rewatched.

Some of his passes were mind blowing.

Ozil and Alexis need to be re-signed on. If we buy a super star striker and find a younger Santi, we have a shot.


Isco :slight_smile: