Mesut Özil (10)


Apparently because of a drugs test he kicked it, he has probably had a spliff because of our form since February.


Good interview with Mesut.




I still don’t know if Football London are reliable or not.


Thought Mesut was decent against United. They couldn’t get the ball off him.


One of the more underrated parts of his and Cazorla’s game. Those ball retention skills. It’s of vital importance for our game even if they don’t have the decisive pass on some occasions.


The free role he has in this formation works so well.

Why did it take us so long to actually change our formation :tired_face:

If we did it earlier we might be in a better position in the league


It’s like a lot of things, Calum. You try this, you try that, and it gets there eventually.


Class from Mesut!


Can’t understand why a great human and player is hated so much by media.


Because he plays for Arsenal.


And because the media are well populated by pricks.


Great finish from him today best goal tally for us in the league since he joined.


Can not get enough credit for his first touch for the goal. It looks simple but he absolutely kills that ball right where he wants it for the strike.


He had some great passes and moves all game. Arsenal football would be a lot easier if he was given freedom to play like this every week.




The question really shouldn’t be who should we keep out of Alexis or Ozil, but who should we bring in to complete the holy trinity.


@Persona :hipster:


That should have been done a couple of transfer windows ago.
If it had, we might have had a chance of keeping both.


Mahrez and Sead!

In all seriousness though maybe they have been told we are signing a big name