Mesut Özil (10)


Good example of why we really need a winger. If the injury is bad we start the season with Iwobi, Mkhitaryan and Lacazette behind Aubameyang. With no other options, but some youth players.


That’s a myth.


Made of glass. Arsenal typical player :wenger:


Don’t think it’s a myth at all.

You guys are letting stats govern your eyes.

He rarely puts himself into 50-50 tackles, never contest an aerial duel(always ducks) and despite running a lot per match, it is not really Tevez esque pressing.


M1Ö is basically gonna happen now :giroud3:


Now watch him performing like a true number 10 :ozil2:


Jersey number means nothing…
#8 Ozil is way much better than #10 Ozil on the German NT


It’s interesting to see Ozil from some years ago particularly Bremen, he used to skin people alive and just seemed more willing to take things upon himself.

Seems that when he went to Madrid and became more of a facilitator that aspect to his play faded a bit, just like Hazard it’s like he doesn’t realise how good he really is sometimes. There’s no question with his ability he should be able to get double figures in goals and assists every season.


Probably he needs a ruthless coach like Maureen.

Jogi and Arsene are too nice to him.


He’s 29 and doesn’t have the same stamina to play with that intensity anymore.



That’s a fake quote made by that dipshit mate haha

Most of the Wenger beIN sports quotes on twitter doing the round are fake.


OA King of Twitter saves me!


Ozil is shit.


Özil isn’t shit


It’s trending right now. The Germany team is shit but his passes wasn’t great today nor was his overall performance.


He’s a weak minded player for sure. Evidently hates to be the main man in the 11.


You can’t blame Ozil.
Hummels missed three fairly easy chances, and none of the German players looked up for it.
There’s clearly something wrong with their team and Low won’t be the manager after this World Cup.
It’s a good job we didn’t go for him as our manager.


Mesut makes a great scapegoat, even though Germany had more than enough chances to put themselves into the next round.


It’s bad enough when the rest of the World scapegoat Özil, let alone when our own fans do it.

He didn’t have a great tournament, but who in that Germany team did?

And besides, he put some good balls in today, he could have had two assists if Timo Werner hadn’t decided to channel his inner donkey.