Mesut Özil (10)


A player of mesut’s quality pretty much has to start imo. he has previously shown that he is willing to run for the team.


Exactly the witch-hunt is so annoying and not fact based.


sanchez the so called “hardworker” with a measly 8.52 km covered.



Anyway, didn’t Emery win the job because of a very thorough analysis of every Arsenal player? I’m sure he has revealed his Ozil plans to the hiring staff. Surely he wouldn’t have got the job if he told them Ozil was ‘worrying’ him… He knows exactly what to do with him. Not worried.


Özil, who in the absence of offers in February renewed with the #Arsenal until 2021, is the player who worries Emery the most. No one doubts his talent, but his commitment to a team that will require maximum involvement. A challenge for Unai.




Thats because he has a certain ‘look at me’ way of doing it, its a quick lung bursting run that looks like he is running like a crazed dog chasing a toy, but in reality he is doing fuck all.


yo can get away with much as long as you show some passion !


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CuntyKike can do one.

I don’t think this applies exclusively to Mesut, most of our team should be sceptical of what’s to be demanded of them.


It’s lazy opinion. Even a cursory analysis shows that Ozil “puts in a shift” and then some. Do any of these clowns bother to watch the game?


No it’s all about grit, determination and desire.

They can’t grasp the concept that Ozil works smart whilst other players like Alexis work stupid. Ozil stealthily covers ground intelligently, Messi is similar in that respect.


Many times I’ve seen Ozil try to press, gets no support, then says fuck it.

If the rest of the team is organised, I really doubt he’ll be the one letting us down.


Don’t be surprised if the plan is to just let Ozil concentrate on what he does best and not bother with defending/tracking back. Perhaps we will be so much better organised and disciplined (I am allowed to dream) at the back that we wouldn’t need Ozil to help out. But yes, it would be interesting to see how he gets Ozil to press the opposition.


Look we know Ozil covers allot of ground. He just does it really slowly with little intensity. He’s mostly jogging.

Probably at twice the speed of Ozil.


Injuries starting to creep on him.


Oh shit! A risk for the WC?


Unai told him to take it easy in preparation for the real trophies #BAKU2019



How the fuck he injures himself when he doesn’t “physically assert” himself as much as the rest of the team?