Mesut Özil (10)


Each person has they reasons. Secondly we have no right to judge other countries ways of doing things, since ours have flaws of its own.

But on an individual level maybe he still has a connection to his origin country, and the president is doing a PR stunt on top of that.


Same here in Denmark. There’s been a lot of clashes between Kurds and Turks here and Erdogan tried sending his minister here to hold rallies and influence Danish-Turks to vote in the Turkish election for him.


Wow. It boggles my mind a bit how nonchalant people can be about what Erdogan is doing.


Same for Danish and Dutch Turks.

Especially since they live here where they can get all of benefits of Danish liberties, progression and freedom and don’t have to deal with living under a dictatorship.

Like those Brexiteer wanks that retired to Spain but still voted to leave.


I understand that most won’t link Arsenal and Erdogan’s regime, but he should just be careful when getting involved in a political party’s propaganda stunt because it may reflect badly not just him but the club.

Also everyone should have the right to judge Erdogan and the Turkish political system. Ours is far from flawless, as is our history, but I really wish people would stop using this argument to shelter dictators from genuine criticism.


Not really a surprise, tbh. Albeit i don’t like it, Erdogan has a big support from turkish abroad.




Just throwing it out there…what about being critical of both. But like, more critical of one.


You do realise Kurds have never considered themselves as Turks, and before Erdogan got in to power there were clashes between the two right.

Kurds have never classed themselves as Turks and want their own state.


Perfectly fine. As long as you don’t try to force you political ideas on to others unwilling to accept them.


No shit mate. What’s it got to do with what I’ve said?


Try around $10 a pop for a pint in Melbourne, I still drink at pubs with the lads but only really when I’m going to the footy. But truth be told I rarely drink at home or during the week at all. All in all silly alcohol prices Australia, I’m probably just fortunate I’m well paid enough I can have a pub session once a week if I want.


Your preference means fuck all.


What an enlightening post. A little disappointing though I must say, I was kind of hoping Ozil might read this and reconsider his behaviour in future.


Was just going to do that haha.

@AbouCuellar Turkey is anything but small brah, Istanbul is bigger than London.


Title is a bit click baity


“I remember just before I left to the stadium I had a call from the president of Paris Saint-Germain asking me: ‘Have you done the deal or not? Because we want to do it. And I said: 'Please don’t touch, it’s finished.’”



Big Wenga’s gift :slight_smile:


Tancredi ‘The Tanc’ Palmeri weighs in on this historic day.


Hahaha that’s called a fragile ego

To be fair if it was anyone but Wenger PSG would’ve pushed it I imagine