Mesut Özil (10)


Heard your pints are like 7 dollars a pop. Do you keep your socials in house and BBQ’s etc?


Ozil should feel free to give him a load of MO10 merch if he’s that way inclined, but I think our club’s shirt should be left the fuck out of it


Pretty sure Trump has been given Arsenal shirts and May I’m sure will have too.

If we get pissy over this, might as well get pissy at Corbyn or something.


Yeah, by Piers Morgan


Erdogan is actually someone who violates human rights and stuff…


Is there much of a difference between the leader of a small country violating human rights and the leader of the most powerful and globally influential country in the world openly disrespecting them?

In terms of utilitarianism/global effect, the damage done is probably worse in the latter’s case.


Does anyone know the event that these players attended? I’m assuming it was organised by the AKP.

But yeah, it’s wholly irresponsible of him and there really is no explanation that can justify it.


There’s a difference in accountability through a free and fair democratic process.

The American people will let their voices be heard a November 6th, I’m expecting a very high voter turn out for the midterms


Erdogan came over to meet the queen. She’d only have given him an Arsenal shirt anyway, so Özil just saved her having to pop out to Sport Direct




When one of our players goes and gives one of our shirts to Donald Trump then we can have this discussion. But until that happens, I don’t even understand why he is part of a conversation about Ozil giving one of our shirts to Erdoğan.


The divide between the Turks and Kurds in Turkey, something Erdogan is reponsible for instigating again for his cause, has worked through in Turkish and Kurdish communities here in the Netherlands. That’s obviously not global influence, but I wouldn’t underestimate Erdogan and AK party’s influence in, at least, Europe either. Turkey is not a small country. I reckon with 80 million people they are top 20 in a list of world populations.


Should players political alignment be close to ours as fans of the club; or should they remain autonomous as individuals?


Politics and football should have no connection whatsover. Couldnt care less who Mesut decides to gove this wonderful red and white shirt, Bieber, Erdogan or Rihanna. As long as he put some filthy through balls to Auba im happy.


I may come a shock to some but trump might be put in a stronger position after November.


They should remain autonomous, but him giving Erdogan a shirt brought the club’s reputation and image into something political.

Also football and politics can be linked, indeed quite often the two are linked.


I would like to make it clear that this is ultimately my concern.

I’m not fuming about this Erdoğan business by any stretch, but my preference would be for him not to do that.


I don’t think so; nobody would say arsenal is endorsing or promoting any politician because a player, being from that said country endorsed a politician by giving him a team shirt; which incidentally he plays for.


Well each of us have our political affiliations.


We’re talking about someone who has served his constitutional terms as Prime Minister and after that was chosen as President, but since he doesn’t want to give up power he creates powers for him as President, a President in Turkey never had. Imagine May doing that…he is making a semi-dictatorship in Turkey. In my humble opinion it’s weird for German turks to support a guy like that.