Mesut Özil (10)


You’ve been had.


Strangely enough, I’d probably earn more in Bolton than I would in London in my line of work :joy:


Hahaha off to Bolton you gooooooo!

What do you do?


Farm racist (about the most humorous aspect of being a pharmacist is intentionally spelling the name of your profession wrong)


All due respect @JakeyBoy @Cristo you guys are not average workers but the brightest, stellar minds of the country.

Joking aside, you are still in the beginning of your careers I’d imagine. If the average lifetime of a regular career is 40ish years I’d assume most people in their 40s average 3k p/m.


Do you sell pies?


Well this thread has put to bed the notion that I’d move back to London and make my fortune.


Donation is voluntarily.
Any donation is good, doesn’t matter the amount and intention as long as someone gets the benefit from it.

Only God can judge the intention.


Donations are good by anybody. Doing it without any publicity just has more integrity about it. A bit more Sincere imo.


And me.


And me


I don’t think Denis Bergkamp is that bothered :wink:


And Allah. And Yahweh. And Thor, Horus, Zeus, and Buddha.


PC gone mad.


Second best player at the club, just behind Greek god. Highest technical ability in the prem and when on song unstoppable. Hopefully the new gaffer will ad a little more grit to his play. Love you mesut :ozil2:


Makes sense of the Average wage in London is 35 k, in Melbourne it’s around 70 k so that’s rather comparable.


Yeah, I’m not that interested, so I’ll delegate.


Apparently the DFB chief is livid with Gundogan and Ozil.

Understandable, don’t like seeing Ozil handing our shirt over to Erdogan.


How dear that criminal touch the Arsenal shirt

All three of those players are clowns


I can’t imagine the club knew about it.