Mesut Özil (10)


Keown probably was over the top with his criticism and as I said, Ozil is one of my favourite players, it was the fact his agent was whingeing about it that annoyed me.

If every players agent started behaving like this, every time a player, ex player, manager, ex manager, pundit, or reporter got criticised, it would be chaos.

Ozil is a world class player and should be above this.
His agent, on the other hand, deserves all the criticism he gets.

They are a waste of space, and only exist to make money for themselves, they might make more money for the player, but that is not the reason they do it.

I’ve dealt with, and know people who have been ripped off by, music agents and they are all the same.
Greedy, money grabbing, lying, parasites, and that’s their good points.


Feels a bit lazy and stereotyping to just say agents are all like that. Id never heard of this guy until last week and nor do we hear of most agents. The worst offenders are exactly as you describe but from a brief Google about him ozils agent is nothing like you describe. And he’s entitled to hatchet Keown every bit as much as Keown is to hatchet Ozil.


I don’t know. If someone was having a go at one of my clients I probably step up to defend them too. Especially if they were wrong (which Keown absolutely is wrong about Ozil) and besmirching their character and work ethic.


Wenger’s not the only one with a kind heart. The comments suggest it was actually £60,000


Wow that’s fucking awesome.

I fucking love our club.

I know trophies and shit are awesome, but it honestly seems like we do more outreach, community and charity work than most clubs. It’s pretty easy to be proud of Arsenal even without a lot of silverware.


Yeah, I mean you’re always going to get people saying “that’s pocket change for them”, that may be true – but still, not all clubs/footballers bother. Like you said, our club seems to do a lot more charity work - especially work in the local community, than other clubs.


There is no may about it, it really is.

Ozil is presumably on 350k a week which equates to 1.5m a month. 30k donation is 2% of his monthly wages.

I assume a regular worker in the UK averages 3k per month, if you donate 60 quid of your salary is that really impressive?

Not to mention that 2% out of 3k budged in terms of purchasing power is an incredibly bigger chunk.

Charity is such a populist dust in the eyes of the masses image protection kind of stunt.


Any donation to charity is impressive. Anything helps. If everyone did donate £60, that would help a lot of people – but they don’t!

Like I said, in the case of Özil, he has done what other footballers haven’t.

Wenger donated less, guess we shouldn’t bother praising him for that either.


(Some) Rich people give to charities, but hire the best financial and tax advisors to reduce tax payments to as minimal as possible :grin:.


We don’t know what else he’s up to charity wise. This is just one night. Really not deserving of much analysis either way.


It’s good that Ozil and Wenger gave to a charity that probably needs the publicity but I’m always dubious about the motives when other very rich celebrities donate money.

I remember Simon Cowell giving money to a young girl in America who needed the money, I think it was around 100k, but it also coincided with his new series of X Factor or America’s Got Talent.

It was all over the news channels and newspapers, so he had got national news coverage which was effectively an advert for his show.

For that sort of publicity, if he had used advertising, it would have cost a lot more.


Keown was saying Özil should demand the ball and track back more, but was that really lacking against Atletico? It just seemed like such a low priority thing to analyse generally.

It goes back to the flaw in the way people judge players after the entire team falls short based on price tag and numbers of goals/assists alone. Keown is about as basic a pundit as we’ll ever see, maybe even worse.

Him and Jenas were talking about us “carrying” Özil but that’s just a lazy cliche all the pundits resort to all the time. I would argue the opposite that he actually carries us during our build ups.

It looks like Keown has no idea who and what the player is. Most of English football can’t understand what Özil is. But Özil’s never been anything other than what he is right now for Arsenal and a price tag was never going to change that.

Alexis was that successful-every-now-and-then one man wrecking ball these pundits are after. He could be wank but they’d still praise Alexis because of his style. LAZY pundits offering only non-technical and basic analysis are the problem here.


I mean, in that example, who fucking cares about motives – he saved a girl’s life!

Simon Cowell donates quite a lot of money for that kind of thing. I remember a couple of years ago he paid for a three year old to have life saving treatment. Yeah, the money means nothing to him – but it means the world to the family.

I’m not going to criticise him for that.


I fucking wish :joy:


Pre- or post-tax?

Bahaha who am I kidding :rofl::joy:


I read that the average London salary is about £35,000. So pre-tax, £3k a month is about right


He said UK, not London. Totally different things


I was more replying to you – as you work in London.

But yeah, it varies massively. Then again, in terms of living – you can buy a house for about 3p up north so your salary will stretch further :grin:


I see. But given what was being discussed 3k isn’t about right.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t earn close to that London average haha


I actually just bartered a 2 up 2 down terraced house for 2 pints of carlsberg special brew and a packet of monster munch on the outskirts of Bolton.