Mesut Özil (10)



Savage. But true to an extent. Martin sometimes gets too hectic


Dude moans about hypocrisy while his statement at some points is hypocritical itself. He whinges about Keown attacking Mesut but then he does the same to Keown. :neutral_face:


I’m all for players attacking players. For an agent to attack a player- no way am I taking the maggot agent’s side


Still think that Keown crossed the line when he made a joke about having a nervous breakdown. Call me a millennial snowflake if you want but mental health, anxiety and depression are nothing to joke about or use as a stick to beat a player.

The bottom line is that I really believe some pundits in England will never warm to Ozil because he doesn’t fit their model of what a footballer should look like or how a footballer should act. It doesn’t jive with their ideas about masculinity or anything like that. Keown appears to be one of those guys, not shocking given his age.


My fave part

"In the 2004 Invincible season, Arsene Wenger let him play the last minute vs Leicester to qualify for a winner’s medal.

“Otherwise he would not be an Invincible because he didn’t play enough games. He wasn’t a real part of the team.”



You just know the agent has been compiling that dossier on Keown for days :joy:

That was utterly ruthless but hard to argue some of the valid points made :giroud:


I think you’ve way over analysed the situation here. Don’t really think masculinity has anything to do with this.

Ozil’s ‘style’ and demeanour on the pitch has been debated by fans since he arrived.

During the post match analysis, I actually though Keown and Jenas were both correct in a sense with certain points made



So he is not spineless after all lol.


What a spectacular hatchet job, he clearly put so much effort into it :joy:

Mesut must be incredibly pissed off at Keown to have his agent go that hard.

It’s all a bit unedifying but I can’t deny it’s pretty funny


Why oh why would paid critic criticise a player who he considers to be playing below par for the club he loves. It’s baffling.

Also the argument that any player shouldn’t be part of a collective defense isn’t something you generally see in any great team. The great teams defend from the front.


Football agents should stick to what they know, which is fleecing clubs, unsettling players and making themselves massive amounts of money.

If people are going to start listening to these self serving shysters, they might as well start taking notice of what the bloke down the pub says.

Agents are parasitic scum.


Well we’re all here on a football forum so we’re basically already doing that lol


I was going to post that but saying, the bloke down the pub, had more of a ring to it :grinning:


Keown definitely hit a nerve there…


Keown comes from an Arsenal team, coached by Graham and then Wenger, where if you didn’t give everything anyone of the other players would be on you.

The word complacency could never be used to describe any player in any of our teams he played in, when he was here.
What must he think when he sees some of the lazy, overpaid, mediocrity that we have churned out in recent seasons, as well as some of the thrashings and dismal performances we have had?

So what if he criticises Ozil.
He is a brilliant player but no one is above criticism, just go out and prove him wrong rather than getting your agent to write a sob story about it.


I don’t think anyone has said that certain players are above criticism. Özil has had some bad games, and deserves to be picked up on it. But in this case, it’s what Keown criticised Özil for that is the problem.

While I thought Keown had one or two fair points, he doesn’t seem to know what kind of player Özil is. He expects him to do stuff that just isn’t part of his game – as JJ tried to explain to him.

Personally, i’m glad his agent went in on Martin, it gave me a good laugh.


I think, you can judge a player by his performance (alone).
But without valid evidence, you cannot criticize a player’s integrity and attitude.

Can’t use “end result” to prove the “cause”.


I think that’s why I have a problem with this.
It’s nothing to do with Ozil, who is one of my favourite players, it has more to do with his agent, who serves no use in society other to make himself money, having a go at Keown, who knows more about football than all the agents put together.

That’s fair enough.
I’ve often defended Ozil on here, when some people have called him lazy, and I’ve said he makes the difficult look easy and he probably doesn’t need to be flying into tackles like Wilshere or Xhaka because he is far more useful at the job he does best.

Keown might have gone over the top with his criticism of Ozil but he normally talks a lot of sense and for an ex player, who had a completely different style of play to him, it must be frustrating sometimes, seeing players he thinks aren’t doing enough when we need it.


Agents do serve a purpose though, players need someone to look after their interests to avoid them being exploited by their employers. Players may have too much power now but in the old days they were entirely beholden to the whims of club owners and managers, which was bullshit. So I think your comments are a bit over the top really.

And of course no player is above criticism but that doesn’t mean all criticism is valid. Ozil has every right to be pissed off at Keown’s moronic criticism because if someone in our squad deserves that level of slagging off it certainly isn’t him. Keown’s criticism also suggested he knows nothing about Ozil as a player. Criticising a player for not showing passion, grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck a la Gerrard or Arsenal era Cesc when they’ve never been that kind of player is stupid. You criticise a player like Ozil when they aren’t showing the qualities you expect from them, not for not showing qualities that have never been in their locker.

And you can complain about it coming from his agent, but if it came straight from the horses mouth instead I bet you’d be criticising him for being so disrespectful to a club legend blah blah. He’s got every right to want to respond to such hyperbolic and personal criticism and I see no problem with doing it through an intermediary.

But that’s just my take.