Mesut Özil (10)


Spineless? :henry2:


Maybe that is why he has backache, nothing holding him up :giroud:


He’s like an orchid. They need really specific conditions to thrive.

What frustrates me are the comments that he’s not giving 100% because he isn’t doing things that demonstrate effort or fit into how old gasbag British pundits who voted Leave think of demonstrating effort. It’s so tiresome.


He wasn’t a lily when he was at Werden Bremen. Not sure what happen but apparently he had his good and bad moments at Real Madrid.

The guy is just damn lazy.


Hopefully he doesn’t miss 8 league games in a season due to illness under our new manager.


If he does as awesome as he is, he should be sold whilst he still has value, the state we are in we cannot afford luxury passengers in the team.


Why do you think he extended his contract? There is probably no genuine interest for him. Why would a club pay for him when they could have gotten him for free?


I love this man and i’m not at all bemoaning his contribution on the pitch.

But isn’t this missing games thing getting a bit much now? Perhaps he genuinely does have all this illnesses/pains, but just seems like he is taking the piss a bit now

We’ll soon find out. No way will the likes of Allegri let him pick and choose his games!


I can’t believe there was no interest in Mesut Ozil. I can buy that no other club made him the level of offer that we did but not that he didn’t have other solid options.


Should have phrased that differently.



If Allegri comes i can see Mesut playing in the midfield, as the italian manager doesn’t use a number 10.


Potentially a diamond with Mesut at the tip


Looks like his Arsenal season is over


He has used Dybala as a support striker for the majority of this season. Ozil could play in that role too, but fill it in differently.


He doesn’t look injured :xhaka:


I love Mesut but I’m really disappointed with his efforts against Atletico, we needed our most talented player to show up in Spain and he just didn’t.



He is quite right, tbh. Keown is a bit of a typical english former player: just want kick and run, not nice touches.


I like Keown but he really needs to shut the fuck up about Özil