Mesut Özil (10)


Give us a screenshot or we won’t believe you


Why Laca? You can see now he is almost worth that amount of money.




Does he have a disease or something. Missed a lot of random games for no reason.


i hope he aint messing about, he seemed happy and signed a new contract and we were over the moon now on £350k a week he is being a twat. Wondering if he has a shrine ov Wenger in his house and is suffering with his loss.




He’s a top class player. I think it’s been made out that he suits a less demanding coach like Wenger, but I think a more demanding coach will get so much more out of him.

I’d like to think he had read the vibe of the club enough to know it was likely that Wenger wasn’t going to be here next season, or at the very least not be here the season after that. No way he signed a 4 year deal expecting Wenger to be here for 4 years.


Guess we are won’t see him until september :grinning:


It’s quite frustrating how he always seems to miss games through “illness”.


Keown predicted he’d be sick this weekend. Reminds me of a bloke I used to work with we nicknamed ‘sick note’, the boss got him in the office to have a word about him continually calling in sick. Next day he calls in sick.




he knows he didnt shower himself in glory for the europa league game and doesn’t want the backlash from the fans in the home game. He seems either entitled which wenger has bred in him because he was his pet and was always given time off and is acting like a little brat something that aint gonna go down well with the next manager so he better buck his ideas up or he is a fucking coward…or both which doesn’t bode well for the next guy in charge is he gonna down tools when the next manager calls him out on this BS or tells him he aint having time off…have we saved another potential problem player we should have sold?


I think Mesut and the club reached an agreement to help him to have a better condition before the World Cup. He missed “useless games” because of it.

No one can question his desire.


If that was true id defo question his desire to the club for his wage. Not that I believe that.


This season is fucked and over. Don’t blame Mesut for wanting a break before the World Cup


Fuck him and the poxy world cup. It’s not Germany paying him 300 grand a week.




It’s so weird how he misses so many games.


Keown knew…


m8 he’s had enough of this POS season just like the rest of us lol.

But all those people thinking this is a RVP fergie retiring situation are wrong IMO, Ozil signed the contract knowing pretty well that he would be here while a managerial change occurs.

Need to get the right kind of manager that a player like this guy would respect and play for though.

Can’t go from Mourinho and Wenger to some nothing.