Mesut Özil (10)


We didn’t. Fabregas was available the season after.


I remember that but Fabregas said he got told they already have Ozil so will not be taking up the buy back clause.

Should have taken him as an additional but then again we are cheapskates.


Oh yeah. We deffo should have resigned Fab.



What did Özil do wrong tonight ffs?

He put some great crosses into the box which no cunt was smart enough to do anything with


Jenas is 100% correct.


He put that ball right on a platter for our “striker” as well. However our “striker” didn’t even attempt to work the keeper just ran down a dead end street and wasted it. I won’t complain about Ozil because what little we did create it was mostly down to him. Only thing I think he should be criticized for is also failing to shoot when he had an opportunity to as well.


Keowns a fucking idiot. Has some agenda against Mesut


He is english so he doesn’t like foreign players.


Yeah just some British muppet that would prefer to see huff and puff, in saying that I was disappointed with Mesut.


Glad Jermaine Jenas challenged Keown’s lazy scapegoating opinion. He’s got Özil’s back – He gets it, he was spot on there IMO.

Jenas is up there as one of the better commentators nowadays. I was determined not to like him, but the guy talks a lot of sense.


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Worse analysis than Keown, tbh.


It was a big mistake to give him 350k a week especially at this age. With that we could have two more impactful players.


350k is not a problem, the problem is how much money we spent on Mustafi, Xhaka, Welbeck, Kola, (and) Laca.