Mesut Özil (10)


How do you know that?

Players have publicly said they joined because of Wenger but no one has actually said they left because of him.

I mean, I think you are kinda right, in the sense that players thought they could do better elsewhere, but I don’t think they’d ever blame Wenger. Ox, for example has just said how much he appreciates Wenger!


Adebayor said something along the lines of being pushed out by Wenger IIRC.


Ah, he doesn’t count, because he is the c word


Hope this isn’t like when rvp signed then Fergie left and he got the hump and turned to shite. :hushed:


think Ozil would have known there was a high chance of a manager change.
Also RVP didn’t get on with Moyes.

Ozil is buddies with the incoming manager, already plays great with the ballsniffer






Redcafe says he was average. Still can’t accept he didn’t sign for them.


He was worse than average.


I thought he certainly overcomplicated a few attacks by slowing them down but that’s somehow been a problem for a while with this team. Also expectations will always be higher when it comes to Özil and he didn’t live up to them in this game.


PPB where been man, missed ya.


Love Ozil but I didn’t think he was that good against Atletico.


I think his mind is already in Russia… just too close to WC.

One freaking injury, you are out.
Not sure how serious Boateng injury was, Ox is out for sure.


Mostly RL stuff and not really being in the mood to talk Arsenal rn. Still watching the games though.


Thats a limp reason if true. Half the players on the pitch are going the world cup. He really did not show up. We need more from him next week to have a chance.
We played well last night and could of used a bit of his guile to give us an edge.


Hey, that’s just my “amateur” speculation…


Its why I put the if. Stand by the rest though.




It was the biggest mistake to take him over Fabregas.


he’ll be off on another holiday in turkey.