Mesut Özil (10)


He’s a different class to be class. Should head of to Barça or something, couldn’t watch him in a United shirt


Man, is he staying???
Or a fraud?

Mesut Özil‏Verified account
2m2 minutes ago
More Happy to assist the @Arsenal by signing a new contract #YaGunnersYa #KeepFighting #ThankYouMouForTheContract


Where did you get this Ronnie?

Özil has tweeted no such thing lol




I got this from another forum, Goonersworld



Sorry, it was fake…


Goonersworld is full of morons



Well, they do have a bunch of quality posters there (like here), but they also have more haters and jerks…


True. It’s not as bad as Arsenal Mania. They should change the name to Kidz Mania!

Anyway, you’re not supposed to use more than one forum, that’s cheating :grin:



Arsenal Mania had too many haters… it was like a Wenger worship website…
I could not stand for more than a few months and then left.

I only had 300+ posts (started from 2012) there but I have a couple of thousands here… when OnlineArsenal is getting quiet, I need an alternative :wenger:




Layout of those other Arsenal forums are really ugly, can’t read them


And yet some of them have much more users. Don’t get it.


We are quality over quantity, no ? :slight_smile:




Özil F.C. The rest can get stuffed.


Easily our best player on the pitch yet again.


Özil can’t be replaced, we have to sign him.


Ozil is surrounded by so much mediocrity that we can build a stronger team without him eventually, if he leaves in the summer.


even I’m feeling sorry for him