Mesut Özil (10)


Ollie is not gonna be happy :hipster:


He is my bit on the side


I dunno i reckon there is something going on behind the scenes with him and Alexis. They look happier and are playing quite a bit better. Sanchez is playing without so much grumbling and looking like a miserable sod, he is smiling and celebrating and looks happier and Ozil is playing like we all know he can again. I don’t know if these new staff members especially the new guy from Barca has something to do with it because he will be dealing with the contracts and he will know what the big names will want and he has dealt with big names for Barca. I am wondering if these new people that have been brought into the club are not only just for the future but also to help sort out this contract mess with Ozil and Sanchez.


Well yeah. They know they will be gone after the season…:grinning:.


It’s probably because they are looking forward to Christmas and then the transfer window with their January sales :grinning:


I’ll go along with Maverick here. They have upped their attitude lately, and you never know what that cagey old bugger Wenger is up to.


Alexis at least probably thought a move to City was on the cards so if I was him I’d probably be pissed off being made to stay and Ozil probably had some kind of option too, even if it wasn’t publicised. But that was 3 months ago so it’s probably forgotten about now.

I’ll be happy if both of them are in shop window mode until the end of the season.


Would so fucking love to see him tear Josè a new one on saturday, the man who clearly wants him at Manure.


i just wonder though with the new signings that a lot of people are looking to the future with them (which is obvious) but i am wondering if they were also brought in specifically for the contracts of sanchez and ozil. The new guy has massive experience with big name contracts and maybe this alone may have tweaked their ears a bit thinking they are dealing with a top person now not some stupid mess around rinkydink type of clown that has been fucking around at arsenal for so long. Lets face it these 2 new signings are a big step in the right direction and maybe Ozil and Sanchez think we are starting to show a bit of balls and progress and a bit of structure and look to be acting like a club we all know we can be.


Ozil and Alexis are playing for their next contracts, which won’t be with us.


Honestly the new appointment of that German about guy is all you need to know. We are no longer in a position to be buying established football players. Gazidis finally has realized this and is getting the proper pieces in place to go out and identify your Dembele’s and Lemar’s earlier and get them at the club before they cost 100m. The signings never made much sense because we couldn’t sustain that type of buying. You either spend a billion if you’ve got it like city or you buy lots of potential. Arsenal are stuck in the middle and it isnt a good model.


No club is in a position to put together a squad of players at this price though.

PSG have all the money in the world and still had to go to great amounts of manipulation to secure Neymar and Mbappe.

This the most encouraging addition to the club since Ozil himself imo. Certsinly doesnt mean we will stop buying established talent, at all.


Yeah Gazidis in 2012 said we are going to be like a Bayern Munich in a few years, then 5 years later he said we are trying to follow the Leicester template haha.


Hi all. On I registered oh here to say this. I know you’re the Arsenal fans and you know best but where’s the love for Ozil?

As a Blackburn fan I’ve unfortunately graduated into the group that watch the PL from a purely neutral perspective and to me Ozil is a fantastic player. Perfect balance, perfect passing and finishing, can glide with the ball at speed, superb football brain.

I’ll admit he seems temperamental but I feel like if you guys showed him some love he could be the best midfielder on the planet.

Believe me I know the frustration having watched Morten Gamst Pedersen sporadically sprinkle his genius on us for about 10 years. But everyone can work hard, not everyone has ability.


Welcome on here mate! Certainly, when he is on fire no one is like Mesut. He can always play the right pass at the right time.


I think he put in a fantastic shift. He stood up and did everything. He tracked back, he put his foot in, he dropped very deep to collect the ball, he was constantly making himself available.


He even made a slide tackle.


He was our best player, super game from Mesut.


This match was one of the few where Ozil has the right to be frustrated the the rest of the team at both ends of the pitch


He deserves better.
This team is too shit for him to save.