Mesut Özil (10)


Do they want Ozil? Give us Messi. It’s as simple as that :mustafi:


They literally don’t care. Ramos and Casillas were good friends with many of the Barca guys. It’s why Mourinho did away with him, as he didn’t buy into that weird siege mentality Jose likes to cultivate.

Figo Ronaldo Etoo and many more I’ve just forgotten have played for both clubs.

Barca have to get someone of Mesuts calibre to replace Iniesta. The thought of that :giroud2:

Then dumbass English (and Scottish) pundits will learn.


Didn’t Ozil have plenty of fights with Barca players?


Strange he’s ruled out already from Wednesday night, if it was illness couldn’t it just be a 24 hour virus ?


Well, he could feel weak. The problem is that it is not the first time he suddenly feels “ill”.


He must be really sick of “something”…


Yeah, of us :hipster:


Inspiring couple of minutes from Mesut :smiley:


Wow! Insane 5 minutes from him :cech:





He’s been so good




Enjoy it while it lasts.


So we’ve got LMAO

Laca, Mesut, Alexis, Ollie :grin:


I want to marry him.

No lie, this place I freelance a lot at, there are only a couple of men, one is strait and supports Arsenal, he has called me Özil for 3 years.

He saw Özil was my screensaver. He Is the art editor, so when I ask him to do something at work , he shouts across the office, “i’ve done it Özil” most of the girls have no ideal who Özil is, and constantly say “why does he call you Özil?”


Do you have a shit tiny unflattering moustache too?




He’s a magician and I’m really going to miss him when he’s gone, made a scapegoat way to often by the british press.