Mesut Özil (10)



Sanchez not in so he is not signing a new contract :santi:


Garth Crooks :thinking:

Özil should be playing for Tottenham, where he would be far more appreciated. Spurs fans would be giving him that ovation every week."


Suck my balls Crooks, tbh.


Ha. Garth Crooks also said this:

“It is only in recent times that Arsenal, under the watchful eye of Arsene Wenger, have shed their ‘boring’ tag.”

He knows as much about Arsenal as my pet gerbil!


Crooks, the former Scum player. Case closed :xhaka:





Milk nearly went everywhere because of this, don’t know why.


Just a tough way to say he can fuck off :wink:


What does this say?


They’re offering 20 kilos of poatoes for Ozil


@Calum Same usual cunt rumours biased newspapers around the world spew to stir: Barca working on him, know what it takes and he wants to move but wants concrete offer.


Barcelona think they can sign Özil for 20 million euros in January. Sounds like a great deal… for Barcelona.

Mundo are also claiming that Wenger has given Özil his blessing to find a new club.


Barca can stop going after our players. Cunts!


Barcelona can just FUCK OFF!!!


Can’t see us selling Özil for €20m in January. Might as well have sold him in the summer for a bigger sum if we do.


20m in Jan to Barce or United in the summer?


I dont think he will go to barca because of previous ties to RM and he has a lot of friends that play there. Ozil will not cope well with being known as a ‘traitor’ fucking hell wenger has to mollycoddle the guy to get the best out of him i cant see him coping with the weight of thousands of people hating him.


I don’t think this would be a major concern of his to be honest, especially as Özil himself said that he felt like the hierarchy at Real Madrid lost faith in him and pushed him out. Playing for both probably wouldn’t go down well, but it’s been 4 years – it’s not like it’s Luis Figo mark II.

I think Coutinho will still be Barcelona’s main target anyway, if not in January then at the end of the season. Özil is 30 next year, he’d just be a stopgap.


There isn’t much incentive for Ozil to go anywhere.
If he sees out his contract with us he will get a massive signing on fee from any club he chooses to go to.
His agent is going to say to him, wait until the end of the season and rather than Arsenal get any money for you, you’ll get it instead, and the same goes for Sanchez.
This is why we should have sold them in the last window and replaced them while we could still attract some decent quality.