Mesut Özil (10)


That’s why I am glad Sanchez misses out on the WC. These penis heads are also responsible for Arsenal’s woes.


It sounds like we have gambled on Alexis and Mesut changing their minds before Xmas, and it has backfired. Dont expect anything less from our negotiation team. Utterly inept at their jobs the lot of them.


It’s this type of indecision and lack of any sort of plan in the transfer market that has seen us drop out of the CL.
He is a ditherer that reacts to situations rather than having a plan and then when it all goes wrong blames anyone but himself.
What kind of transfer strategy does he have?
Whatever it is, it doesn’t work.


:joy: Absolute classic from Arsenal again. The banter lives on and on at this club. Shambles should have just sold them in the summer and replaced them for people who actually want to be here


Expected all these, right??
Again and again, we said they would leave, if not winning the league, if not signing enough big players, if not keeping them happy…
Some just want to believe they love to play for Wenger, “love” playing for Arsenal…
Now we all just get back to reality, no surprise at all.


Yeah, like Griezmann and Lemar!



Wenger said we are gonna try for Lemar again.

The plan is on! Sell Alexis and Ozil in january and get Lemar :henry2:


If Lemar has heard this, he is probably sitting at home quaking in his boots and is trying to work out how is going to get out of joining us.
But if Sanchez and Ozil leave and we do get Lemar, he can shake hands with them as he goes past them on their way out.

Two proven world class players out, and one decent player in.

That’s the sort of business Wenger does, and it proves what a genius he is in the transfer market.
Well done.


If we sell them in January, probably the money we get is not quite enough to buy Lemar.
Great business.


Not sure why anyone’s bothered by these quotes. Saying he had considered all possibilities is a good thing.


Then we can pay the January price of £108m :giroud2:


Wenger the specialist in Economics :joy:


300m reserve funds, hurray!!!


Maybe we are planning a bid for Messi in Jan :henry2:


Stan can get another loan to buy another fucking barn!!!


Positive, isn’t it?


All talk. This is from June

Mesut Özil has told Arsenal that he wants to stay next season and hopes to have his future finalised when the club return from their pre-season tour of Australia and China


Yeah, his agent being a big mouth.


The louder he can shout about rejecting an offer like £200-250k a week from Arsenal the easier he’ll find talking to clubs in December/January.

This was a “we’ll talk about my future in the summer” scenario and summer has been and gone. It’s clear that your want-to-stayers like Giroud, Koscielny and Bellerin can sign deals in October/November, so as soon as a player is delaying it means they don’t particularly want to stay.

Maybe it’s not impossible to convince him but I’m not even slightly hopeful.


He is leaving his options open.
I would think he wants to see how we perform this season and whether we scrape into the CL places again before he signs anything.
He is at the peak of his career so he has to make the right decision and when Sanchez leaves, and we have him being the only world class player, in a team that is competing in the Europa League, it is probably not ideal for a player of his class.

Maybe his ambitions are the same as Wenger’s and he is ok with how the club is run, but if he is like Sanchez and all the other great players we have seen move to more ambitious clubs, then he will leave.