Mesut Özil (10)


He wants to stay in the Premier League. Let’s just hope he won’t be doing that in Manchester!


I think If we sign a player like Griezman, he’ll stay.


Wouldnt be too shabby tbh as long as he starts playing for the team and puts in a shift

greizmann laca (new winger or nelson if ready) ozil behind him, at least now he has a striker that is somewhat clinical and has a bit of pace and can get into good positions.


Be going well he means we’re a good fallback if PSG, Bayern, City, United and Chelsea don’t want him. Real and Barce won’t go in for him imo and Italians are poverty clubs.


Get in. Really hope he stays


Sadly, i guess he wants to work with Mourinho again. The two worked well at Real.


Couldn’t stand him going to Man U with Mourinho as his manager.
It would mean I would have to dislike Ozil, especially if he won the PL with them.


I don’t think Fanatik is a reliable source.



Lol that would be hilarious if true, would have been a lot better off selling them in the Summer






Laughable if this happens.


Wenger is a snake oil salesman.

Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.



He’s a dick for not selling them in the summer. That pulling out of the Sánchez deal cause we didn’t get Lemar was fucking ridiculous. Still fuming about that utter incompetence.




Well isn’t this the most Arsenal thing ever :laughing:


I knew this would happen, these fucking clowns kept these 2 bastards here throughout the summer when everyone knew they didnt really wanna be here, pissed the whole summer away keeping away bids for them instead of selling for a big amount and replacing with some exciting talent.

We then go into the new season with them playing like fucking dicks and in general feigning injuries and not being fit and decides ‘selling in January is an option’ then guess what who will we replace them with in january but if we dont sell in January we will get nothing for them and they will leave anyway…absolutely brain dead motherfuckers that are in charge of this club!


Our manager has turned into a troll!

The two options were to sell them in the summer or keep them for the whole season, not a combination of both. “I’ll have a bit of that ice cream and a bit of that one.” Greedy bugger!