Mesut Özil (10)


If I was him I’d fancy a move to a decent Serie A side. He’s unlikely to get much success here and other top clubs don’t appear to be queueing up to stick him in their starting XI so why not.

It’d be interesting to see what kind of wages he goes for if he’s rejecting a reported £250k or so here.


If he’s going to be available for a free, which is obviously is, a big club is going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Even if he won’t be an undisputed starter.



This paragraph written about Klopps Liverpool, feels strangely familiar. :smile:


'What they have got instead is the same game played out again and again, with the same defensive mistakes, the same wastefulness in front of goal, the same formation and the same manager insisting that their luck is about to change.

There was too little done in the summer, with tweaks made to the squad when they arguably needed a whole new spine ahead of a return to the Champions League. Mo Salah has been a success but neither Andy Robertson nor Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been trusted. Klopp argues that he can do little to either prevent mistakes or convert chances, but when you are taking an average of 19.6 shots per game and allowing just 8.4, a goal difference of +1 is an aberration. We did not expect a title challenge but nor did we expect Liverpool to enter the second international break behind Burnley on goal difference. Step up, Jurgen.’



Completely coincidental (although so is since Ox left). He played very well and worked hard against Bournemouth which was the beginning of us looking decent. And every other game is either one that he is too high in status to play (1 LC, 2 EL) or a 0-0 with Chelsea (where the best praise seemed to be we weren’t as bad as we thought we’d be) and two home wins against bottom half sides.

You’d have to be really having a laugh to suggest that Ozil wouldn’t have been as good as anyone else when we were battering Brighton at home.



Özil hasn’t played a full 90 in the league since Bournemouth at home in which he was fine, it’s a poor argument tbh.

The good form has coincided with an easier fixture list if anything.


I want him to leave just so he can stop being a scapegoat. Our most creative attacking outlet since his arrival and he’s constantly being shitted on. Most of the times it’s massively unjustified.


Yeh I’m not sure why people don’t seem to realize this. Drawing to Chelsea and acting like we’re amazing is like congratulating a grown man for not pissing the bed.


Horrible to think he’ll have Mourinho’s arm around him next summer.


Next season he could have Mourinho’s arm round him, the biggest signing on fee, a few winners medals and all this while wearing a Man U shirt and kissing their badge.

Oh, and we won’t receive any money for him.


Our two biggest stars could be lining up against us in the league next year. :expressionless::sweat_smile: 1 on either side of Manchester.


A player fulfilling their contract and not being sold should represent value for money.


There is only one way to stop that happening… cut off Mourinho’s arms :sunglasses:


Did you really need to go into detail there? Just being linked to United hurts!


Unfortunately not for us.


How can he say this when Mesut has barely played this season?


because he saw him last season? I dunno




Love this cat. It’s a shame we failed to build a solid team around him during his time here. It feels like we’ve wasted him. That summer where we only got Cech was the straw that broke the camel’s back.