Mesut Özil (10)


8-10 pairs seems a lot. :thinking:


Lol does it?! I genuinely have more than ten pairs if shoes/trainers, I can’t count them off the top of my head lol


Including football boots I have about 12-14 pairs. Le footwear can make or break a look :welbeck:


Indeed, 8-10 is simply not enough for a cosmopolitan man like yourself, Robbo.


So Ozil out for Sunday, strange he picked up another injury by only playing 7 minutes vs WBA on Monday.


Just said ‘unavailable’ no?



We’re already getting a taste of Ozil-less life at Arsenal.

I already said it, but I do so hope they act proactively replacing Ozil/Sanchez(/Wilshere?).


He is leaving in any case, tbh.


Wenger is very much reactive when it comes to transfers.
I do think he will replace Ozil but it will be with an inferior version and the same with Sanchez.

I hope this isn’t going to become a regular occurrence, with Ozil missing matches.
Otherwise we might as well have just sold him rather than letting him go on a free.


said on here this summer, both Ozil and Sanchez should have been sold


Well, they haven’t turned us into winners, have they? so, why are we so stuck on keeping them, especially Ozil.

Coulda got £100 million for them, plus the £40 million for Oxlade

that would have funded two world class replacements, or we’d have needed to add another £30 million

Now we have two players, neither who want to be here and both will leave on a free

MASSIVE fuck up, again, by Wenger

but of course, he knows best, right?


Keeping our best players isnt a massive fuck up, especially when we need champions league football to entice people like Lemar to join.

Selling our two best players the year of our lowest league finish would have been a massive fuck up, and that really is as simple as it gets.



that only applies if

  1. they are gonna sign new contracts (they aren’t)
  2. they are really gonna bust a gut to make us winners (Ozil certainly isn’t)
  3. they aren’t gonna walk out on a free (they are)

your position makes no logical sense whatsoever. What you think they are irreplaceable?

Bollocks, we could and should, in my opinion, have sold both and had a really good clear out bringing in fresh players in many positions including theirs

Now what are we faced with? Ozil hardly gonna play, we’ll more than likely not finish top 4 and both players will leave for fuck all costing the club £80 to £100 million in funds


Not sure I used the word irreplaceable. Plus it makes perfect sense to not sell your best players when in crisis.


But we’re not keeping our best players.
They are leaving at the end of the season.
Players like Lemar are certainly not going to be attracted to a club where all their best players leave.


luckily for us there are more than 2 world class players in existence.

We need Alexis and Ozil to get CL football, rebuild once we are attractive, not when we arent.


Inter Milan can stay in their lane regarding Ozil, they aren’t relevant


I don’t think it’s a mistake to keep them. But doing nothing else regarding the future for those positions that is the mistake in my opinion.


Out of what arsehole were we gonna pull two world class replacements from? Money would have just stayed in the bank or half spunked on third rate versions of those two…


we’ll have lemar/griezmann and goretzka next season…so no worries!