Mesut Özil (10)


Save money to sign Lemar, to sign a new GK, to sign defenders because Chambers isn’t good - Mertesacker will retire - Koscielny will be one year older.

I think signing Kolasinac for free is better than to sign Mendy for 45M.


If Monaco are going to ask for 60+ million again for Lemar we should scour the markets for other options…we have a full season to do so. I don’t see a reason why they are going to lower their demands btw.

Whilst I agree we need another defender I don’t think Wenger is going to sign one, if Mustafi doesn’t leave next summer. Which will yields some funds. Same goes for if we finally sell Ospina. There should be money coming into.


And what are those weaknesses?


For me he’s more of a second striker, not that that’d be a bad thing. Fosberg looks really similar to Ozil.


Have heard we are one of the options that Goretzka is looking at, maybe we can nab him. We have Saed here which he is good pals with so who knows. I think he is a good player only problem is that Bayern may want him also, but i dont know if he will want to go there i mean after all every fucking talent in germany goes there maybe he will wanna be different.


Isn’t Goretzka leaving for Bayern? Well, i guess so. Bayern always get the best players in Germany :mustafi:


@Maxi_Gooner, indeed.


Should be startng, our line up is way to defensive for playing WBA at home, effectively 5 defenders + Elneny.



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And you too Im sure.


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Pretty sure you are. As a guy I own about that many.

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