Mesut Özil (10)

  1. Mourinho already sold Mata to a rival
    2 Mata’s contract is up next summer, he’ll want an improved salary. They either keep him probably putting him on 200k or so or bring in new players.


Good job we’re not a rival then :sunglasses:

I’m a bit meh about Mata anyway. He’s a good player but past his prime IMO. If we were to get him next summer, he’d be 30. If we lose Özil I’d rather we invest some money in some youth, not a player who we’ll have to replace again in a couple of years.


That’s true.
But he hates Wenger and if there was any possibility of Mata improving our team then Mourinho won’t let it happen.


“I’m sure we could make him work”

Well, we didn’t make Ozil or Sanchez work. Why would we be able to make Mata work.

We are a shambles. And Wenger has got to go. The club is ruined.


He won’t have a choice if Mata doesn’t renew


I agree it would be great to get a top quality young player but I’m not sure what Wenger’s transfer policy is anymore or if he has one at all.

Letting all your best players leave and not replacing them properly has seen us drop out of the CL.

That transfer strategy doesn’t seem to be changing either.


Going from Özil to Mata is a backwards move, it accomplishes nothing but make us slightly worse. We need to go with a younger or different style of player as a result. I’d sooner just give Özil’s minutes to Iwobi and Nelson. Obviously preferable we buy a top talent or player though, Fekir would probably be the dream.


Please stop repeating yourself and no, before you repeatedly answer with ‘when Wenger…’ just dont.

Furthermore, Mata is not anyone’s ‘best player’.


Was it 2011 when Chelsea beat us in the race to sign him? I am still fuming for that deal.


People would get frustrated pretty quick if Iwobi/Nelson were regulars with their current levels of development. Ozil is a better dribbler and is better off the ball than Mata, but Mata is the better striker of the ball, while both are creative. So swings and roundabouts.

Getting Fekir would be tastey but he’s not really a CAM. Not sure why we didn’t go for James, well I do, because we’re reactive and not proactive in the market.


Our way forward should be the Monaco-way (what we did during Wenger’s first 12 years anyway) and that’s buy all the u-23’s with some experienced players and try too build a team out of that. Otherwise we’ll end up with too much Mata’s; very good supplemental players, but no actual building blocks. Because we can’t compete for the better players.


Fekir most definitely is a CAM, he’s versatile but a CAM nonetheless.

Fosberg would also be another option.


Fekir? Thanks but I don’t want another player with the same strenghts and weaknesses as Mesut (who is a WC class player, much better than the frenchman). I would like to have a player with a direct football.

In my opinion a good idea may be to sign a top class midfield and switch Ramsey behind the striker. Arsenal must to replace Alexis and Ozil with players with better inclination to be team players and not with the “one man band” syndrom.


Ramsey is not refined enough to be the most advanced midfielder at all.

How is Fekir not direct?


Ramsey is playing as advanced midfielder. I would like to add another midfielder to protect the central zone.


Sorry for about that.
I didn’t realise that we could only talk about stuff that doesn’t annoy you.

He was the best player of the season twice at Chelsea and when Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla leave he would walk into our first team.


He should be instructed to play more box2box rather than given free reign in that role.


Arsenal should replace the free agents with other free agent to save money. I don’t know if they will sign or not new contracts but Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Leon Goretzka are great players good enough to improve our team even if Ozil and Sànchez will walk away.


He was voted their player of the season twice then sold, I disagreed with it but either way he was never their best player even then, Oscar was preferred over him in the central role and the results speak for themselves.


Save money for what?