Mesut Özil (10)


I would probably cry.

Though I wouldn’t take that rumour too seriously. Since I’ve woken up I’ve also seen reports that next year United are signing Griezmann, Alli and Dybala. Yeah OK.


I think Mesut holds some decorum when it comes to Wenger in particular, no matter how one would judge Arsene’s management of the squad since 14/15? Or more, I would like to think so! He seems a rather humble person and going to a direct rival (heh), particularly Mourinho, would ruin his Arsenal reputation.

Whether he cares that much is speculative but I like to hold some hope :man_shrugging:


Clearly Özil and Mourinho get on well. He utilised him perfectly at Madrid too (Bit easier doing that with Cristiano and Di Maria in front of him). I think he’ll leave on a free, and it really wouldn’t surprise me if United moved heaven and earth to persuade him to join them over any other club. The Mounriho factor could actually be quite big


This is exactly the reason I didn’t want to let either Ozil or Sanchez run down their contracts.

The way we do business involving transfers and contracts is an absolute shambles.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think it was done on purpose.


Of course, him and Mourinho gets along so well and the cunt would probably get the best out of him.


Imagine if we lose both Sanchez and Ozil to the Manc clubs haha


Losing both to our rivals is bad enough, but losing them to our rivals for nothing is unacceptable.

We will lose our only world class players and they will go to strengthen our rivals even further.

I really don’t think Wenger has thought this through.


Like we had a choice, we’ve been offering contracts for years now, this was always their plan. Get a move with a huge signing on fee and 300k a week while having a better chance of winning silverwear. You can either sell like we did with Nasri/RVP or keep them longer and get more out of them. It’s been pretty obvious both were off for a long time now.

I’m not that fussed about either. Ozil hasn’t looked like he wanted to be here for the majority of his and was good for about one 6 month period. Alexis has constantly played selfish football and destroyed team play. They’ll also both be 29 and heading past their primes on huge contracts.


The only issue I have with what you’re saying is that you were more likely than not someone who was appalled at is selling RVP to the Mancs. Now you’re criticising Wenger for not selling either of his players to the Manc clubs??




That was the worst transfer we have ever made because not only enable Man U to win the PL with him, but we didn’t replace him with an equivalent striker.

The only way that could be worse is if we let him go to Man U on a free.

Where do you get the idea I thought that was ok?


A little random but I gotta feeling Öz’s gonna be one of Nagelsmann’s first signings for Bayern next season.


Because you’re advocating the exact same thing for our two best players.


movement of goalposts, incoming.


Not by me.
Unless you can prove otherwise.


I don’t need to prove anything, I’ve witnessed it first hand on a number of occasions. Deny it all you like, no skin off my nose.


That’s a typical comment from you.
Dish it out with nothing to back it up

You haven’t “witnessed,” anything.
How have I have “moved the goal posts” regarding this subject?
Everything I said in that post was true.
If you are calling me a liar then you prove it.


I’m not happy with that either but if it is a choice between watching your best players leave and go to a rival club to strengthen them and win trophies for nothing in return, or going to a rival and getting a decent price, then obviously I would rather take the money and get some equivalent replacements.

Neither option is good, but at least make the club getting our best players pay for the privilege.


If it wasn’t true you wouldn’t get so rustled. :slight_smile:


So why did you give the club so much stick over RVP when the only alternative was to loose him to utd a year later for free?