Mauro Icardi


I don’t like him either, but is really Bacca better than him? I like Bacca, Icardi is very selfish and seems to be occupied with himself more than the team. But football wise, isn’t Icardi better potential?


Icardi is shit.
Is he better than Giroud? No.
Is he better than nobody? Yes.


Icardi is better than Giroud and he certainly isn’t shit. But he doesn’t have the qualities to be a success at Arsenal. His human qualities are poor, he is not a team player and his wife is a public relations nightmare.

I am not interested in someone that cannot work for the team but only for himself.


wasn’t there some drama about Icardi banging Maxi Lopez’ wife and then they marry like 6months after that? Doesn’t seem like this guy has any loyalty or morals whatsoever, but it might just be tabloid drama, I don’t remember where I read it. Also he seems to selfish for our style but it might change if he comes here, you never know. I’m luke warm about this guy.


Yeah he slept with Lopez wife after Lopez helped him out, ended up marrying her and all that stuff. He’s not a particularly good human being


What did he help him out with?


Helped him to settle in transition to first team football. I believe at one point they were very close friends and when the marriage between Lopez and Wanda started to break down, Icardi swooped in and married her and made it very much a public affair. Even had Lopez’ kids names tatto’d on him. Started making public declarations of his love for Lopez wife nearly immediately after it had all broken down.



What a backstabbing clown lol


I rate Icardi would bag 30+goals a season for us easy with the likes of Özil, Alexis, Cazorla, Xhaka behind him. With that said in my opinion because his natural games is based solely around scoring goals I think our overall threat as a team would suffer with Icardi up top, especially considering his link up plays lackluster to say the least at times, even if he does do some sexy back heels now an then lol

Anyway it’s only 12 games but here’s a example of Icardi’s willingness to come and link the play.

This is slightly random and I could be wrong but due to the way the games evolved that little statistic ^ right there (along with the lone striker formations) is one of the reasons I thinks lead to pure poachers being a rare breed in the modern game unlike in the years gone by when you could afford to have the likes of Inzaghi, Van Nistlerooy, Crespo, Shearer, Sheringham, Cole, Fowler & a young Michael Owen not really getting involved in build up play to much.

Speaking of poachers I remember reading a quote from the late great Johan Cruyff on Inzaghi “Inzaghi can’t actually play football but he just always seems to be in the right place at the time” which described Pippo perfectly.


I read about his mistreatment of Lopes last season and I don’t think i can respect him, even if Arsenal bias comes in.


ya same here.


He’s a piece of work for sure, blimey.


He’s portrayed as the bad guy in that threesome but the truth is that Maxi Lopez was cheating on Wanda on several times and was just after that they started their relationship. He’s the captain of the club wich had Zanetti using the armband for a very long time and he using it now wasn’t a gift. He’s a true poacher and that’s that, is it a bad thing? Don’t think so at all. I prefer him instead of Higuain every day of my life.

Sorry for the bad spelling but is too early in the day for me


Interesting perspective.

I’m intrigued by him and his stats, but personality seemingly means nothing (see Suarez)


Don’t know about Icardi much before Poldi’s loan.
Watched him for half a season and nothing like a “superstar”, “world class” player that we have been searching for a long time. Good player? Yes, he is not bad. A player that will take us to another level? Highly doubtful.

Want to know how suddenly we give him so much praise.
For most, he is in the “can buy”, “one of the options” category, not “must buy”, “great deal”, “talent of a lifetime”, “worth for us to break the bank”.


Sounds like Serie A’s 21st Century Edmundo. Better off without that kind of off-pitch drama.


You’ve all seen his statistics yeah?

He is by far a clear upgrade with huge potential upside.


When Poldi was posting some very impressive statistics on paper, I was told that not to judge a player by his stats, but to watch how he play on the field.
I have to confess that, I only watched Icardi played half a season, and he did not show anything to me that he was really an upgrade of Giroud.
He may be a better poacher, but not prolific enough to offset Giroud’s other abilities.


That’s why you have both Icardi and Giroud