Match Day Info and Tickets


yea pretty much always bring a bag, but like i say i wouldn’t be suprised if they change it.



I am reluctantly selling x2 Debentures C.
They entitle the holder to jump the season ticket queue and get a season ticket. Also they mature in 2028 and can be redeemed by the holder at a value of £9851 each (they were purchased in 2003 for £5k each). You can stop and start your season ticket as you like during the life of the bond.

Still very much a fan just selling for financial reasons.
If interested they are £7k each and can be bought through Capita share dealing services.
0203 170 0234

Feel free to ask any questions or get in touch with Capita directly using the details above.


100% return over 25 years, plus a no longer advantageous queue jump over someone that can just do a quick google search between May-July each year and source a ST loan that way.

Nah m8!


Better return on your money than you’d get from a bank but you know, each to their own


Beating the interest rate on bank savings accounts in 2017 is nothing to write home about.


Hi all - I’ll be selling two tickets for the Bournemouth home game (September 9) because I’m broke!

Wanted to advertise on here before putting on ticket exchange.

The match is Cat C and my seats are centre lower - £28.50 a piece for this one.

Will email the tickets when I get them. Thanks!



When will tickets go live for Red members tomorrow?
For the Arsenal - West Bromwich match?


Hello guys, I would like to ask you, if anyone knows, what time will be tickets for match Arsenal vs Brighton on sale? It supposed to be open on 1st of Semptember, but I didn’t find exact time.

Thank you for help


Remaining tickets will go on sale to Red Members at 10am on Friday, September 1, 2017.


Hello guys, looking for a ticket for first EL game vs Cologne 14th sep.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Cologne fans keen as mustard for this one aren’t they :+1:


you bring the mustard and i bring the bratwurst :grin:

but it seems that nobody wants to have us in the stadium…:weary:


How much are Europa League tickets? I quite fancy the Belgrade match.