Mario Götze


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I also think he seems overrated. He did do well at Dortmund though didn’t he? So either that was a fluke, or he is the type of player that only works in a specific system (where he can get past grandmas for unknown reasons). I would be sceptical of him coming here, that he could work in our system, but I guess this is half a question since I didn’t watch him much in Dortmund, did you? If so, what was his thing there that made it work/do you think it would work here?


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I wonder now that he has completed his move back to his former club if that dislodges any other players…


I’m not so sure Dortmund’s football is going to significantly differ from Bayern. Under Klopp, when Götze was still there, they had around 51-53% possession and scored a lot of their goals from transitional play. Last season they had 61% possession, that’s 4th in Europe behind Bayern, PSG and Barca and well ahead of anything in the PL, for example. Since Götze’s lack of pace basically requires him to beat players in give-and-go situations with his teammates, I’m curious to see how that will pen out against teams that basically park the bus (which will be the majority of German teams playing Dortmund). I think he might shine for Dortmund (as one of the few clubs) if he is given the central role, because the guys that will be making runs (Dembele, Reus, Auba) are exceptionally good at it. This might give him the space he needs.


You’re quite right about that, which is why I only wrote “with a bit more focus on transitions”. Dortmund are still a possession oriented team, and they, like Bayern, use similar principles in their positional play.
But IMO, Dortmund’s build-up play is quicker, with a stronger focus on central combinations and transitions. This is why I’m thinking it probably might be a bit easier for him at Dortmund.