Marc Overmars


Receiving a lot of criticsm for the current state of Ajax. I’m not convinced of him joining us in two years, if Wenger leaves, being a good thing.


Overmars linked to Arsenal return… again.


Overmars (and Bergkamp) is getting his fair share of criticism as TD for Ajax. Not sure we should put him at the helm of our football operations.

I wouldn’t be against taking the gamble with Pires. Even if he hasn’t proven anything to get that role. Because of the French connection we’ll maintain and I guess he has put in work as far as his network goes as an Arsenal ambassador.

It’s hard to say who will make a good TD anyway. Monchi, Emenalo, Sammer, Beguiristan, Rangnick, Vasilyev . A few of better known football directors/vice-presidents of football at various clubs; there doesn’t seem to be a pattern at all. Ex-players, extensive careers as managers or no background in football at all.


This all sounds so familiar.

But what do Traoré and Dost have in common? Absolutely nothing. Overmars just looked for a new striker, not using any profile whatsoever. Same goes with new goalie Tim Krul, who is a good shot-stopper, but completely different as a player than Cillessen was.

What?! How is that even possible? Why would any director offer Serero so much money, that he can’t possibly earn that elsewhere? I like Serero, he is a hard-working player and had his value for Ajax, but why pay him so much money? The South-African midfielder is ready to throw away a year of his career, just because he gets payed enough.


Has Dick Law officially left? I haven’t read any official news or statements by anyone.


Marc not joining us.

Dutch source:


Can’t say I’m disappointed. He hasn’t been highly praised based on what I’ve read about him.