Manchester United thread


:joy: Herrera is basque AF


In relation to that, Fergie covered his chair




Pogba’s José journey :ok_hand:


Is he actually going to leave?!


Haha mourinho laying the foundations for the 3rd season meltdown. Gonna fuck united good before he leaves lol.


Apparently, Chris Smalling has Scored more goals than Sanchez since he has arrived there, I think that unless things change rapidly he will be (if not already) deemed as another Di Maria type signing.


Talking with an United fan these days and he is absolutely fuming about Sanchez. He says they were going well with Martial upfront instead of Alexis.



Oh Mino.

You flew too close to the sun.


Where have you been @Cristo ? Did you stop liking us all? :tired_face:


A shame tbh.mino Raiola would he heavily involved in any possible 3rd season meltdowns.

Looks like United players are backing the manager.

Fair play bit a shame for my shadenfreude instincts.


I just realised I was spending a lot of time on here and needed a bit of a break! Our form didn’t help either haha

I’m back now! Just in time for that EL trophy :wink: