Manchester United thread


I don’t see it, it wasn’t like they pressed like Liverpool, Dortmund or even Leicester did yesterday. They simply steam rolled a very lethargic West Ham who haven’t had any intensity for some time now.



They also beat Swansea 4-0 in Moyes’s first game in charge.






Agreed with that. United were impressive but I would not be surprised if Bilic is gone before Christmas given how West Ham played that match. They were missing a bunch of key players but that was pathetic for a season opener.

In particular, the defending on the last two goals was truly pub league quality in terms of intensity. West Ham gave zero fucks as was clearly just waiting to get off the pitch.


19 is the new 49 tbh.



On this weeks football weekly the pointed out that more Chelsea managers have won league titles than utd mangers in the intire history of football and they have also only actually had 2 extremely successful managers/spells in their history with the rest of the time they constantly under achieved

I thought it was intresting anyway


As much as I don’t like either club, at least Man U play good football and their revenue is made by their supporters.
Chelsea have just one reason for their success, and that is Abramovich.

If he goes so does that success.
Classless club run by a crook.
They deserve each other.








Was lingards face so unrecognisable they had to label them both? shit design


Not Kick It Out’s finest hour imo, despite all their good work. It’s a pretty funny and harmless chant.


Fun or not, the problem Kick It Out have is that the chant is based on a racial stereotype. Racism comes in many forms and assuming something about someone based on the colour of their skin can be seen as such. However, it’s not derogatory and I doubt Lukaku is offended in the slightest, quite the opposite in fact I’d imagine.


So they’re trying to protect black men who don’t have large cocks?


The chant is specifically based on the colour of his skin. I agree we can go a bit overboard with the racism-card being thrown around all the time. But based on that, it’s not that weird why they are saying this?


Everyone’s just assuming that this song is based on a racist stereotype. Has anyone bothered to check whether he actually has a “24 inch penis” as stated? If so, there’s nothing racist about it.


They’re called Kick it Out not Kick it Out to a Certain Degree. Don’t see how they do anything but condemn the chant to be honest.


When will these anti-discrimination groups learn some fucking tolerance.